HeinOnline is a premier online database containing more than 211 million pages and 340,000 titles of legal history and government documents in a fully searchable, image-based format. HeinOnline bridges the gap in historical research by providing comprehensive coverage from inception of more than 3,200 law-related periodicals. In addition to its vast collection of law journals, HeinOnline contains the entire Congressional Record, Federal Register, and Code of Federal Regulations, complete coverage of the U.S. Reports back to 1754, and entire databases dedicated to treaties, constitutions, case law, world trials, classic treatises, international trade, foreign relations, U.S. Presidents, and much more.


Print Titles

This online catalog contains all titles published by Hein, Rothman, or other publishers with whom we have made special distribution arrangements. Titles found in our GreenSlips service are not searchable in this online catalog.



In the mid-1970s, as library budgets began to tighten and shelf space became more difficult to obtain, Hein developed more and more products on microform. Today, with more than 80 million images on microfilm or microfiche, no other legal publisher can offer the combination of microform services available from Hein.

Electronic Greenslips

Specializing in law and law-related publications, Hein’s Electronic GreenSlips is the next generation of the traditional GreenSlips that were sent for decades via postal mail to law libraries throughout North America.


What’s New

Our research and reference tools for law, international relations, political science, and foreign affairs are among our most important contributions to the publishing world. Learn more about our newest titles!


Review Copy Request

We provide review copies of Hein publications to professors who are currently teaching or preparing to teach a course where the book is being considered for adoption, or to organizations that publish book reviews. Our primary format for reviewing books is via Hein’s Online Legal Bookstore which includes our most popular classroom texts, casebooks, general student books, and legal research and writing books.  We will provide 30-day free access to the online legal bookstore where you can review the titles digitally.