Company Directory

William S. Hein

Chairman of the Board

Kevin Marmion

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Rosati

Chief Resources Officer

Shane Marmion


William Shannon Hein

Executive Vice President

Kyle Daving

Vice President, Technology

David Debalski

Controller, Customer
Service Accounts

Timothy Hooge

Managing Director, Sales

Steven Roses

Director, Sales

Shannon Furtak

Director, Marketing & Customer Service

Justin Fronczak

Director, Production

James Moore

Director, Production & Facilities

Dale Missert

Manager, Royalties/Account Services

Michael Marmion

Manager, Metro Self Storage Center

Christopher Czopp

Manager, HeinOnline Production

Noah Short

Manager, Imaging

Katie Aquilina

HeinOnline Coordinator

Roxanne Marmion

Sales Professional

Benjamin Boron

Marketing Professional

Brett Glose

Specialist, Imaging

Lauren Mattiuzzo

Administrator, Marketing

Lynne Zona

HeinOnline Customer Service Professional

Katie Haymes

Customer Service Professional

Laura Miller

Customer Service Professional

Sheila Jarrett

Senior Editor, Publications

Barbara Marmion

Customer Service Representative

Karen Zoldos

Customer Service Representative

Neil McManus

Administrator, Human Resources

Adam Tramp

Administrator, IT Facilities & Support

Brandon Wiseman

HeinOnline Integration

Tina Marie Szefler

Executive Assistant, Development

Stephanie Ruesch

Administrator, HeinOnline

David Hastings

Developer, HeinOnline

Chris Strychalski

Network Administrator

Anthony Dalfonso

Systems Developer