Company Directory

William S. Hein

Chairman of the Board

Shane Marmion

President & CEO

Kevin Marmion

Company Advisor

Dan Rosati

Company Advisor

Kyle Daving

Vice President, Technology

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Joanne Greco


Christopher Czopp

Director, Publications & Production

Melanie Bream

Human Resources Manager

Senior Director, Sales

Director, Sales

Sales Professional

James Moore

Senior Manager, Property & Logistics

Noah Short

Sr. Manager, Digital Production

Neil McManus

Administrator, Human Resources & Accounting

Skyler Wernecke

Company Treasurer

Brett Glose

Coordinator, Digital Production

Katie Aquilina

HeinOnline Coordinator

Michael Ruesch

Coordinator, Check-In

Laura Miller

Professional, Royalties & Accounts Services

Lauren Mattiuzzo

Marketing Lead

Breanne Callahan

Marketing Administrator

Lauren Zazzara

Copywriter, Marketing

Lynne Brady

Sales & Customer Support Professional

Katie Haymes

Customer Service Professional

Stephanie Jacobson

Publications Lead

Anna DeRosa

Publications/Editorial Professional

Martin Goffeney

Publications Administrator

Karlene Kardysauskas

Senior Full Stack Developer

Adam Worth

Network & Systems Manager

David Moran

Junior Full Stack Developer

Brandon Wiseman

HeinOnline Integration & Quality Control

Adam Tramp

Technical Support Specialist

Julie Stevens

Check-In Administrator

Emalie Baker

Content Administrator

Taylor Kozlin

Check-In Associate

Kristina Morcheid

Accounting Administrator

Tina Marie Szefler

Executive Assistant, Development

Jamie Hasenstab

Administrative Assistant

Lori Gonzales

Receptionist/Office Assistant