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Chairman of the Board

Chief Executive Officer


Executive Vice President

Chief Resources Officer

Vice President, Technology


Human Resources Manager

Managing Director, Sales & Marketing

Senior Director, Sales

Director, Sales

Sales Professional

Director, Publications & Production

Company Administrator

Administrator, Human Resources & Accounting

Administrative Assistant

Senior Manager, Property & Logistics

Sr. Manager, Digital Production

Coordinator, Print and Material Management

HeinOnline Coordinator

Coordinator, Check-In

Marketing & HeinOnline Support Professional

Marketing Administrator

HeinOnline Customer Service Professional

Customer Service Professional

Professional, Royalties & Accounts Services

Production Associate & Receptionist

HeinOnline Specialist

Senior Editor, Publications

Publications Administrator

HeinOnline Integration

HeinOnline Administrator

Systems Developer

Full-Stack Developer

Network/Systems Administrator

IT & HeinOnline Technical Support Specialist

Executive Assistant, Development

Production Associate & Receptionist