Item #: 64295

Pages: 61 pp.
Published: OE; Henry Young & Sons; Reprinted in 2008.


Rushton, a barrister of Gray's Inn, was one of the firt toargue that Shakespeare was trained as a lawyer, a claim headvanced in Shakespeare a Lawyer, Shakespeare's TestamentaryLanguage and Shakespeare's Legal Maxims. Maxims demonstrates"the poet's correct use of law terms, and intimateacquaintance with legal customs and tenures, and the lexscripta, than by his extensive and profound knowledge of themaxims of the English law" (13-14). Rushton reviews thesemaxims, by which he means fundamental points, andillustrates each with a quotation from Shakespeare. Eachexample is paired with a statement by Coke, Littleton, orother eminent jurist that was either a direct source orproof that Shakespeare was expressing a contemporary legalprincipal. Reprinted by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.Distributed by William S. Hein & Co., Inc.

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