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ISSN: 1554-849X

The Hastings Business Law Journal ("HBLJ") is a scholarly publication by academics, professionals and law students. The journal will explore and critically analyze interna-tional and domestic events as they shape the dynamic inter-play between law and business. The HBLJ attempts not only to serve as a forum for legal academia, but also to providea valuable research tool by illuminating the current state of the law and providing insight for the future. The mission of the HBLJ is threefold: 1) to provide a forum foraspiring and current legal scholars to publish their work; 2) to provide the legal comunity with reliable and thoughtful commentary on new developments and trends in thelaw; and 3) to provide UC Hastings law students with the opportunity to hone their research, writing and editing skills.The publisher advised that beginning with Volume 12, this publication will be available online only. 

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