Tocqueville, Alexis de

Item #: 3369

Pages: xxx,464p.
Published: Union; Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.; 2003.


In 1831, Tocqueville and Beaumont were sent to the UnitedStates to study American prisons, which were renowned fortheir progressive and humane methods. They were pleased toaccept this assignment because they were intrigued by theidea of American democracy. Throughout the tour,Tocqueville used his social connections to arrange meetingswith several prominent and influential thinkers of the day.He recorded his thoughts on the structure of the governmentand the judicial system, and commented on everyday peopleand the nation's political culture and social institutions.These notes formed the basis of Democracy in America. Thislandmark work initiated a dialogue about the nature ofdemocracy and the U.S. and its people that continues to thisday. Reprinted by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.Distributed by William S. Hein & Co., Inc.

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