Henke's California Law Guide

Martin, Daniel W.; Cadra, Laura A.

Item #: 1007367

ISBN: 9780837741086
Pages: 444p.
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.;

Elevate your California legal research with Henke’s California Law Guide—a trusted and respected guide in the legal community for over 50 years. Originally authored by Professor Dan Henke, this celebratory edition has been updated and expanded by a team of over a dozen experts, including co-editors Daniel Martin and Laura Cadra, to cover both traditional
and lesser-known areas of California law, such as tribal law and legal history.

Whether you’re a law student, attorney, or legal researcher, Henke’s California Law Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the legal research process and the different types of resources available for California law. From constitutions to statutes, cases to regulations, local government sources to law libraries, this guide covers it all from both a historical and current-use perspective.

Plus, with helpful appendices containing bibliographies, charts, directories, and lists of key legal figures, institutions, and vendors, this title contains a comprehensive wealth of resources all in one convenient location. Editions 1-8 of this title are available within HeinOnline’s Spinelli’s Law Library Reference Shelf database.


New to the 9th Edition:
With this latest edition to Henke’s California Law Guide, readers will find:

  • Each chapter has been completely revised
  • Contributions from several experts in California law
  • New chapters, such as California Tribal Law & Government and California Legal History
  • Unique charts and diagrams, such as a chronological chart of the justices of the California Supreme Court
  • New appendices, including one on Case Authority

This newest edition also reflects the shifting landscape of legal education and practice, such as changing demographics within legal practice, the advancement of legal databases, an increase in the number of California agencies, and the age of digitization. It also reflects the wealth of court opinions and legislation that have passed since the publication of the previous edition in 2006.

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