1000 Days to the Bar but the Practice of Law Begins Now (3rd. Edition)

Tonsing, Dennis J.

Item #: 1007068

ISBN: 978-0-8377-4262-5
Pages: xv, 292p.
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2022.



This book helps students discover how to:

  • Lay a solid foundation for the professional practice of law
  • Achieve fluency in the “language of  the law”
  • Earn grades that reflect their best efforts
  • Pass the bar exam the first time around
  • Prepare for a successful career in law
This book has but one objective: empowerment. Most law students have been anticipating the start of law school for weeks, months or years—some for a lifetime. They approach the start of school with a mix of excitement and apprehension, often with a sense of awe at the majesty of the enterprise they are about to begin. Why, then, do so many first-year law students express high levels of anxiety, depression, isolation, “drowning,” a sense of imminent and inevitable failure, intense frustration, lack of control, and ominous foreboding within 90 days of beginning school? 

There are reasons. Most have recently exited successful positions of academic, social, or executive leadership. They believe the institution they are entering—a “school”—is merely an advanced version of what they were so good at before—“school.” Law school is not like college. Law school is your opportunity to begin the practice of law. And that’s where this book comes in.

1000 Days provides hundreds of practical tips to help law students make every day in law school serve as a small, but essential step in the direction of the successful practice of law. From class preparation, to notetaking, to studying for exams, this book offers valuable material in a crisp, readable style, all in an effort to help law students perform at their personal best—both in school and beyond.

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