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In 1958, Harvard University Press published the first volume of NOMOS, the yearbook of the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy. Nomos, from Ancient Greek, stands for the body of law governing human behavior, or the “spirit of the law” in Greek mythology.

Edited by Carl Friedrich, and entitled Authority, it began a series of annual volumes published or currently in production. These thematic collections have been staples of political and legal philosophical scholarship and, in many cases, have become the first place for scholars to turn to for any given theme. The essays continue to be a valuable resource for interdisciplinary research and undergraduate and graduate education.

NOMOS has published work by some of the leading political and legal theorists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, from a wide range of ideological and methodological perspectives. Notable authors include Danielle Allen, Hannah Arendt, Isaiah Berlin, Jon Elster, Richard Epstein, Lon Fuller, Jean Hampton, Catharine MacKinnon, Frank I. Michelman, Robert Nozick, Martha Nussbaum, Richard Posner, John Rawls, Nancy L. Rosenblum, Judith Shklar, Cass Sunstein, Jeremy Waldron, Michael Walzer, Sheldon Wolin, and Iris Marion Young.

Over the years, the General Editors of NOMOS have been:

  • Carl J. Friedrich, volumes I-VIII
  • J. Roland Pennock, IX-XXXI, and John W. Chapman, volumes IX- XXXV
  • Ian Shapiro, volumes XXXV- XLII
  • Stephen Macedo, volumes XLII-XLVI
  • Sanford Levinson, volumes, LII, LIV, LVI
  • James E. Fleming, volumes, L, LII-LIII, LV
  • Jack Knight, volumes LVII-LXI

Melissa Schwartzberg, volumes LVIII, LX-LXV

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