Journal of Boundary and Ocean Studies

Item #: 1006934
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Wells Info Servs.;

The Journal of Boundary and Ocean Studies (Chinese version) is the first of its kind published by Wuhan University, with this English version co-published by Wells Information Services Inc. and William S. Hein & Co., Inc. This peer-reviewed Journal aims to provide a platform for experts, scholars, government officials, and policymakers to discuss theoretical and practical issues related to boundaries and oceans.

Examples of articles from the first volume include:

  • Fighting Lawfare Outside the Tribunal: Retrospect and Prospect of China’s Legal Response to the South China Sea Arbitration (Ma Xinmin)
  • Philippine LOS Action Against China: Relearning the Limits of International Law (Abraham D. Sofaer)
  • Viewing the Elements of Historic Fishing Rights from the Perspective of International Judicial and Arbitration Practice (Huang Yao and Huang Jingwen)
  • Practical Innovation and Theoretical Exploration of the Maritime Diplomacy with Chinese Characteristics (Yang Jiemian)
  • The San Francisco Peace Treaty and the East Asian Territorial Disputes (Hu Dekun)
  • Is China Reshaping Its Neighboring Environment Through the Belt and Road Initiative (Lin Minwang)
  • Interpretation of UNCLOS and the “International Rule of Law” (M.C.W. Pinto)
  • Dao Inhabits People’s Hearts (Huang Huikang)

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