International Citator and Research Guide. Volume 3 - Latin American & Caribbean

Shepard Broad Law Center, Nova Southeastern University

Item #: 1006702

Pages: ix, 277p. (290p. total)
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2019.


In view of the fundamental differences between national and international sources of law, citation rules found adequate for domestic legal research often are inappropriate when applied to international and foreign legal materials. The International Citation and Research Guide (The Greenbook) is a ground-breaking project tailored to the needs of an international readership by providing information useful for worldwide and highly diverse professionals.

The ICRG set, conveniently organized into global regions, is a source of foundational and comprehensive citation standards for scholars working with all  types of international and foreign materials. It presents each citation standard in the context of that country or organization’s history and legal institutions. It is also a general resource of basic legal background on international organizations and countries that would otherwise be difficult to research. It can be used as a companion to The Bluebook, whose coverage of international sources is necessarily limited.

Staff members for this volume were not only responsible for drafting the citation authorities, but were also required to verify, directly with a contact or delegate of the authority, that the information was relevant for purposes of the Greenbook. In most cases, the citation form provided is the standard used by the tribunal or organization itself.

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