Layperson's Guide to Legal Research and Self-Help Law Books, Second Edition

Svengalis, Kendall F.

Item #: 1006537

ISBN: 9781649617552
Pages: xi, 546 p
Published: Guilford; New England LawPress; 2022.


A revolutionary new guide to legal research for laypersons and students. Explains how federal or state constitutional law, statutes, case law, administrative regulations, or municipal ordinances or regulations apply in addressing a particular legal issue, and provides substantive reviews of 800 general and subject-specific titles of particular interest to a lay audience. Each of the 85 subject areas covered is preceded by an introductory overview of the field and the sources of law applicable to it, together with relevant websites for further research. Reviews are lengthier and more content-laden than standard bibliographies, providing valuable insights into the subject matter of the field. Includes a title index, a bibliography of state legal research guides, a complete and up-to-date directory of public law libraries (by state), and a publisher directory.  Laypersons and students are further aided by introductory chapters that explain the nature of self-help law vs. hiring an attorney and provide a useful roadmap to legal information, an overview of the U.S. justice system, and general works on United States law.

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