Chase, Ashley Krenelka

Item #: 1006218

Pages: xxxv,453p.
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2018.


This book is not only important for Millennial librarians to have a base of literature from which they can draw information, guidance, or inspiration, it is also important for librarians from other generations to understand what Millennial librarians have to offer and how their entree into library leadership will affect the profession. This book, with chapters written by librarians from every generation and from libraries of all kinds, seeks to fill that void. Section I brings together chapters that focus on the need for a new generation of leaders in libraries. The chapters in Section II touch on library relationships across generations: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Section III includes chapters that detail how Millennial leaders work in libraries, from outreach and marketing to blogging and collaborating. Section IV, while short, is an essential read for any current library leaders or administrators seeking to bring Millennial leaders into the library, or to cultivate the Millennial leadership that's already found in the library. Finally, Section V includes chapters on career planning for Millennial librarians.

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