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Collection of Papers, Faculty of Law, Nis is an independent scientific journal of the Faculty of Law, University of Nis. It has been published since 1962 but, in the period from 1962 to 1968, it was published as a joint publication (Collection of Papers) of the Faculty of Law and Economics in Nis. The first editors-in-chief were Prof. Slavoljub Popovic and Prof. Petar I. Kozic. Since 1970, it has been published on the annual basis as an independent scientific magazine of the Faculty of Law in Nis. Since 2007, the Law Faculty Journal has been issued on the semi-annual basis, including the regular annual issue and a thematic issue.Collection of Papers, Faculty of Law, Nis has been categorised as the leading scientific journal of national relevance (M51). Due to its well-established tradition and contribution to legal theory and practice, this periodical has a significant position and reputation among the national publications of this kind. The regular annual issue includes scientific articles in the following categories: original scientific articles, professional articles on judicial practice, book reviews, conference reports, commentaries, polemics, students' articles and other contributions from eminent national and international scholars. Thematic collections of papers are issued in observance of some historically significant or current legal events. The contribution papers are commonly written and published in Serbian, in which case the abstract and summary are translated into English. However, the contribution papers may also be written and published in English, Russian, French and German.

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