Item #: 1000125
Published: OE; TNC by Supranational Publishing Co.; Reprinted in 2013.

The trial process is the sum of its parts: opening argument,direct and cross examination and summation. In Trying Casesto Win, nationally known trial lawyer, Herbert J. Stern,provides an overall blueprint for conduct in the courtroomas he guides the reader through each of these segments.Rather than a collection of anecdotal war stories fromvarious trials, Stern outlines the nuts and bolts of theright-and wrong-approach, processes and strategies for everycomponent needed for trial success. Each volume is alsoavailable separately. The complete five-volume set includes:Voir Dire and Opening Argument, Direct Examination, CrossExamination, Summation, Anatomy of a Trial (co-authored withStephen A. Saltzburg.)Reprinted by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.Distributed by William S. Hein & Co., Inc.

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