Author’s Spotlight: Amy R. Stein

Author's Spotlight, Discrimination Law, Employment Law Ben Boron

This week we feature Amy R. Stein, B.A., J.D., who has extensive experience in legal writing. Stein is a Professor and Assistant Dean for Legal Writing and Adjunct Instruction at Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University.

About Amy R. Stein:

Amy Stein received her B.A. degree in American Studies and English from Tufts University and her J.D. from Fordham University School of Law. She is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Leadership Policy Studies.

After law school, Professor Stein worked as a litigation associate at a 350-lawyer Manhattan law firm.

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Benched: Abortion, Terrorists, Drones, Crooks, Supreme Court, Kennedy, Nixon, Demi Moore, and Other Tales from the Life of a Federal Judge

Hein Cites, New Book Kaylyn Zurawski

  • Get an inside look from an expert at what federal judges really do
  • Includes 20 provocative proposals for improving the administration of justice
  • Review key cases dealing with terrorism, drones, convicted members of Congress, abortion, civil rights, authors, and movie stars
  • Explore Judge Newman’s fascinating years in politics as a federal prosecutor

About the Author

Jon O. Newman is a senior judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit,

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Subject Compilations of State Laws 2015-2016 Volume

Hein Cites, State Law, Subject Compilations of State Laws Ben Boron

  • Identifies and describes fifty-state law surveys on hundreds of subjects in hundreds of sources
  • Includes annotations for National Survey of State Laws charts
  • Previously chosen for Best Legal Reference Books

What’s New

The Subject Compilations of State Laws 2015-2016 volume contains 643 entries under 243 main subject headings. The annotated material includes law review and other periodical articles, appellate court opinions, books, briefs from cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal and state courts, commercial database contents,

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Legal Scholarship in Jewish Law: An Annotated Bibliography of Journal Articles

Hein Cites, Jewish Law, New Book Kaylyn Zurawski

  • A must-have for scholars of Jewish law
  • More than 500 annotated entries included
  • Covers a broad range of subjects
  • First source of its kind

About This Title

Legal Scholarship in Jewish Law: An Annotated Bibliography of Journal Articles by David Hollander annotates the legal literature addressing issues of Jewish law. Jewish law courses, scholarship, and collections have been increasing in frequency and size in American law schools for several decades. Today, many law schools house institutes and centers for the study of Jewish law.

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Designing Law and Other Academic Libraries: Building Upon Change

Hein Company, New Book Bonnie Hein


Designing Law and Other Academic Libraries: Building Upon Change, now in its third edition, is a must-have for every academic, library science, and architecture library. This 2017 revised edition features extensively revised chapters with much new material.



The third edition includes numerous new photographs from recently opened academic law libraries on the forefront of design. Represented among the more than 70 pictures and illustrations are American, Catholic, Georgetown, Marquette, and Oklahoma City Universities, the Universities of Maryland, Michigan, Pittsburgh, and Washington, as well as the College of William & Mary; each photo illustrates unique features and eye-catching décor.

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Do English-Only Rules Have a Place in the Workplace?

Hein Company, New Book admin


  • Quickly locate resources for both employers and employees
    pertaining to this sensitive and timely issue
  • Find expert help in exploring a relatively new idea in discrimination law
  • Includes citations to and summaries of leading primary and secondary sources
  • Sources include federal and state statutes and regulations, law review articles, legal encyclopedias, and treatises

About This Title

It is an unlawful employment practice under Title VII to discriminate against an employee on the basis of national origin; however, the statute is silent as to whether English-only rules constitute such discrimination. With an ever more diverse workforce, it is readily apparent that claims of this type will only increase.

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Finding English Law: Quick Access to Key Titles, Second Edition

Hein Company, New Book admin


  • Easy-to-use helpful guide to basics of English Law
  • Thumbnail descriptions of 97 legal topics with a list of leading texts relevant to each
  • New: Expanded scope
  • New: Updated edition includes noteworthy websites, blogs, and databases

About this Title

Efficient legal research begins with consulting leading secondary sources, and this book seeks to provide assistance to researchers of English law by providing a quick, thumbnail description of English law (statutory and jurisprudential) in ninety-seven different legal topics, along with a list of leading texts relevant to each. This new edition also includes a list of noteworthy websites, blogs, and databases.

It deals specifically with English (rather than UK) law,

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Comparative Criminal Procedure: History, Processes and Case Studies, Second Edition

Comparative Criminal Procedure, New Book Ben Boron

Top Image

New to This Edition

The second edition of Comparative Criminal Procedure contains the most up-to-date statutory material from England, France and Germany in a variety of areas and more condensed versions of cases from the European Court of Human Rights to maintain focus on the core aspects of those opinions.

About This Title

In a globally connected world, criminal conduct can easily transcend international borders. Citizens of one country might find themselves being prosecuted in another country for conduct committed within that country’s borders. Therefore, it is important to understand the unique differences in criminal justice systems across the world.

The book takes a process-oriented approach that begins with police searches and continues through to the trial and appeals process so students can compare how various countries approach each of these stages in the criminal process.

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