Defense, Liberty, and the Constitution: Exploring the Critical National Security Issues of Our Time

Book Sale, Constitutional Law Breanne Callahan



  • A clear, direct, and honest narrative
  • Review the law and Constitution in relation to natural security threats
  • Identify important legal issues that can emerge as a result of national security threats
  • Explore an objective analysis of U.S. law and policy
  • Discover solutions to national security threats


Defense Liberty,

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Celebrating Diversity: Winner of the 2019 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award

Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographic Award Tara Hutchinson

We’re excited to announce that Celebrating Diversity: A Legacy of Minority Leadership in the American Association of Law Libraries, Second Edition is the winner of the 2019 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award. The book identifies and profiles new and future leaders in AALL, demonstrating the growth of diverse law library professionals in the field.

About the Award

The Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award honors noteworthy legal literature published in various forms, including books, pamphlets, periodicals, websites, and databases. ‘Legal literature’ includes works that: (1) are bibliographical in nature,

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Sharia (Islamic Law) in the Contemporary World: A Legal Research Guide

Legal Research Guides, New Book Breanne Callahan

  • First and only research guide of its kind
  • A comprehensive bibliography of essential academic literature on Sharia law
  • Unravels the complex theories, principles, and rules of Islamic jurisprudence
  • Perfect for students, professors, or anyone studying Sharia’s impact on a wide variety of national and international legal issues

About This Title

Sharia (Islamic Law) is one of the most established and controversial legal systems in the world. The literal meaning of Sharia is “the way to the watering hole” and is Islam’s prescribed way (or set of guidelines) for living morally and achieving salvation.

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Millennial Leadership in Libraries

Librarianship Breanne Callahan

  • Informative guide for new Millennial librarians
  • Perfect for library administrators of all generations
  • Learn about the impact of the generational shift in libraries involving budget, staffing, and collections

About This Title

It is not only important for Millennial librarians to have a base of literature from which they can draw information, guidance, or inspiration, it is also important for librarians from other generations to understand what Millennial librarians have to offer and how their entry into library leadership will affect the profession. This book, with chapters written by librarians from every generation and from libraries of all kinds,

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Law of the International Criminal Court, Second Edition

Criminal Law and Procedure, International Law, New Edition Breanne Callahan

  • A leading authority on practice and procedure from one of the experts on the International Criminal Court
  • Offers a clear and in-depth look into the law, procedures, composition, and authority of the ICC
  • Explore the legislative history and the meaning of war crimes and the crime of aggression under recent amendments to the ICC Statute
The Law of the International Criminal Court

About This Title

In 2018, Member States celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Rome Statute. As one of the Korean delegates to the Rome Conference in 1998 that established the International Criminal Court,

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International Citator and Research Guide: The Greenbook

International Citation Standards, Legal Research, New Book Lauren Mattiuzzo


Compiled and Edited by
Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law

  • First and only resource of its kind!
  • International companion to The Bluebook; fills in gaps and goes well beyond the existing coverage
  • Ground-breaking title perfect for scholars, professors, students, legal practitioners, and anyone with an interest in international legal citation and research
  • Uniform citation authority and research guide for countries throughout the world

About This Series –

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California Administrative Law: A Legal Research Guide

Legal Research Guides, New Book Breanne Callahan

  • Practical step-by-step guide for tracking proposed regulations, locating administrative decisions, and researching California regulatory history tasks
  • Learn how to quickly and effectively retrieve hard-to-find materials available only in print and microfiche
  • Perfect for law librarians, attorneys, and law students researching California regulations, administrative decisions, and other materials

About This Title

California administrative law research can baffle new associates and experienced librarians alike. Sources are scattered across websites, print, and microfiche, with many major sources available only by contacting the state archives or finding a library with enough foresight to purchase duplicate print copies.

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Monograph Series VI: Global Space Governance and the UN 2030 Agenda

New Book Breanne Callahan

  • Contains contributions from renowned international scholars, industry professionals, and diplomats
  • Answers important questions about and presents fresh ideas aimed at ensuring continued sustainable development of outer space
  • Discusses crucial goals of ending poverty and promoting global peace

About This Title

As the sixth publication of the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law’s Monograph Series, this book contains selected papers presented at the 5th Manfred Lachs International Conference on Global Space Governance and the UN 2030 Agenda, which took place in May 2017 in Montreal,

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Regulation of the Funeral Services Industry: A Legal Research Guide

New Book Lauren Mattiuzzo

  • First and only resource to break down the complex regulatory framework of the funeral services industry
  • Includes a valuable bibliography to help researchers quickly locate relevant books relating to the funeral services industry as well as contact information for state funeral boards
  • Learn about the FTC Funeral Rules, funeral home requirements, and other aspects of this complex area of law
  • Perfect for attorneys, professors, and students researching the fundamentals of law governing the funeral services industry

About This Title

For most of human history,

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