Code Remedies:

2008, Civil Procedure, Jurisprudence, Law Reform admin

Remedies and Remedial Rights by the Civil Action According to the Reformed American Procedure. A Treatise Adapted to Use in ALL the States and Territories Where that System Prevails, Fifth Edition
By: John Norton Pomeroy
Revised and Enlarged by: Walter Carrington

Originally printed in 1929, this “A-Rated” reprint from Hein was written in the midst of the most productive decade in our legal history by one of the leading American authors of the 19th century, John Norton Pomeroy. Code Remedies was heralded in America and abroad. Pomeroy’s most original work was welcomed with gratitude due to its fearlessness, its breadth of view, and its practical common sense.

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Originally Published: Boston;

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Prestatehood Legal Materials

2008, Constitutional Law, Legislative History, Local/Municipal Government, State Law admin

A Fifty-State Research Guide, Including New York City and the District of Columbia
Edited by: Michael Chiorazzi and Marguerite Most

Originally published in 2005 by The Haworth Information Press, Prestatehood Legal Materials is a one-stop guide to the history and development of law in the United States and the change from territory to statehood. In this two-volume work, nearly 70 of the nation’s foremost legal professionals were tapped to share their wealth of knowledge with the research community. Readers are provided with brief overviews of state histories from colonization to acceptance into the United States.

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Published: Haworth Press,

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Handbook of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

2008, Law Reform, State Law admin

The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws is bringing conference proceedings up to date. Several volumes will be available annually until they are current. Each year’s handbook contains the pertinent information of the proceedings of the year’s conference, historical backgrounds listings, and Uniform and Model Acts approved, as well as acts promulgated by the National Conference which are at present recommended for adoption by all jurisdictions, acts withdrawn because they are obsolete or suspended, and other important topics covered at the National Conference.

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The Power to Regulate Corporations and Commerce

2008, Business/Economics, Commercial Law, Trade Regulation admin

A Discussion of the Existence, Basis, Nature and Scope of the Common Law of the United States
By: Frank Hendrick

Originally published in 1906, this Hein reprint attempts to define the limits within which the federal and state governments may control commerce and corporations and to indicate the respective powers of the three departments in the exercise of such control. The relationship of the three departments of the government of the United States to one another and to those of the state governments in the control of interstate commerce and corporations is set forth with reference to more than two thousand cases involving questions of constitutional law.
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Originally Published: New York;

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WTO Law, Litigation and Policy

2008, International Law, International Relations, Trade Regulation admin

Sourcebook of Internet Material
By: Stuart S. Malawer, J.D., Ph. D.

This outstanding sourcebook of hard-to-find Internet documents concerning WTO law, related policies and the dispute resolution system, is a tremendous resource. The World Trade Organization is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. This work provides access to many of the essential pieces of legal and policy information from the WTO, the United States and other major players such as the EU, China, Japan, Korea and Brazil. This work is invaluable to legal researchers, governments and professionals worldwide.

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Published: Buffalo;

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Prescription Drug, Improvement, And Modernization Act of 2003, Public Law 108-173

2008, Food Drugs and Cosmetics, Legislative History, Medical Jurisprudence admin

Edited by: Michael Welsh

The Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 marks the greatest expansion of federal health care benefits for seniors and the disabled in nearly four decades. This legislative history gathers more than 170 documents that frame Congress’s intent in enacting this far reaching legislation. The core documents, the law, committee reports and floor-debate are provided in five bound volumes. This work serves as an invaluable resource for understanding this complex statute and explaining it to clients.

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Published: Buffalo; William S.

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Antitrust Modernization Commission

2008, Business/Economics, Hein's Electronic Documents Reprint Series, Trade Regulation admin

Report and Recommendations

This title is the 24th installment in Hein’s Electronic Documents Reprint Series. The Antitrust Modernization Commission was established to examine whether the need exists to modernize the antitrust laws and to identify and study related issues; to solicit views of all parties concerned with the operation of the antitrust laws; and to evaluate the advisability of proposals and current arrangements with respect to any issues identified. This report sets forth the Commission’s recommendations and findings on how antitrust and enforcement can best serve consumer welfare in the global, high-tech economy that exists today.

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Originally Published: Washington,

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A Documentary History of the Legal Aspects of Abortion in the United States:

2008, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Documentary History of the Legal Aspects of Abortion in the U.S., Legislative History admin

City of Akron v. Akron Center for Reproductive Health
Edited and Compiled By: Roy M. Mersky and Kumar Percy Jayasuriya

This three-volume set is the 7th installment of the series A Documentary History of the Legal Aspects of Abortion in the United States, and is devoted to the Supreme Court’s decision in the case of the City of Akron v. Akron Center for Reproductive Health. In this decision, the Court found the city’s abortion ordinances, including required parental consent for minors, informed consent for adults and a 24-hour waiting period, to be unconstitutional. This series provides access to some of the most important ideas and compelling arguments surrounding the ongoing debate of abortion in the United States.

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Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger Litigation Documents:

2008, Civil Rights, Legal History, Legislative History admin

A Documentary History of Affirmative Action in Higher Education
Edited and Compiled By: Roy Mersky & Kumar Percy Jayasuriya

Mersky and Jayasuriya’s work catalogs the history of affirmative action in the higher educational realm, focusing primarily on the cases of Grutter v. Bollinger and Gratz v. Bollinger. Affirmative action has long been and continues to be a hot topic in the United States. This work contains a collection of all briefs submitted to the Supreme Court, the transcripts of the two Supreme Court oral arguments;,the lower court opinions and the final decision of the two cases. This compilation is intended as a learning tool as well as a historical record.
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Published: Buffalo;

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Harvard Research in International Law

2008, International Law admin

Including: The HeinOnline Library Reprint of Original Material, and Contemporary Analysis and Appraisal

The greatest international law projects have been brought together with Hein! This reprint of the Harvard Research in International Law was originally published in the American Journal of International Law between 1929 and 1939. The Harvard Research was the brainchild of Manley O. Hudson, the Bemis Professor of International Law at Harvard Law School and the first chairman of the International Law Commission. This library includes hundreds of links to journal articles and treaties, as well as hundreds of footnotes to connect you to other sites inside HeinOnline.
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