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Locating U.S. Government Information
Handbook, Third Edition

A must-have for any researcher looking for government informationcover2

By: Edward Herman & Theodora Belniak

What’s New in the Third Edition
Numerous changes in government information have occurred since the second edition was published in 1999, the most prominent being the availability of free government documents online. Government portals such as USA.gov and FDSys were launched after the release of the second edition, which means you have access to more material than ever, making finding government documents much easier!

Because many government documents are available free online,

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Hein Cites Issue #15: Save up to 30% on this monumental reprint!

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Constitutions of Nations Series

By: Amos J. Peaslee

The first Englishlanguage text containing the constitutions of world nations!
Published in 1950, the first edition of Amos J. Peaslee’s Constitutions of Nations was the first-ever compilation of national constitutions of the world published in English. The first edition, in three volumes, includes the seals or coat or of arms and a summary description and bibliography for each of the 83 nations featured. The 2nd,

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HeinCites 47-14 | “Bould” Statements Made in the December AALL Spectrum

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“Not only does the title succinctly capture the essence of the Boulder project, the book itself distills the first four conferences into a unique blend of theory and practice-ready teaching exercises, exemplers, and templates.”

– Dennis S. Kim-Prieto and Paul D. Callister
AALL Spectrum, December 2014
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This title looks at the signature pedagogy set out in the Boulder Statements on Legal Research: Pedagogy and Legal Research Education, and places it within the framework of the rich literature on information literacy, adult learning and experiential learning. It is a valuable resource for those who teach and who need to understand the educational theories that promote the effective transfer of knowledge.

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HeinCites 46-14 | A gift guide for your favorite legal professional

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Something for everyone!

Twain cover REPRINT flattenedNEW – Mark Twain vs.Lawyers, Lawmakers, and Lawbreakers Humorous Observations

Compiled and Edited by Kenneth Bresler

This anthology of humorous sketches and quotations by America’s leading humorist, Mark Twain, covers two broad categories: law and lawyers, and government and politics. Many lesser known observations and quotations are included, many of which come from Twain’s abundant letters. Carefully researched and footnoted, the book includes only Twain quotations that can be verified. Footnotes are in Bluebook format, so that they can readily be inserted into legal pleadings.

Item #: 1000148
ISBN: 9780837739571
1 volume……… $37.50
Published: Buffalo;

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HeinCites 45-14 | The best resources on international law available from Hein

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Perfect for those interested in the use and development of international law and international relations!


7th annualIn the Studies in Transnational Legal Policy series of the American Society of International Law, leading authorities analyze current issues such as the effectiveness of international organizations, dispute settlement, human rights, international terrorism, and national treaty law. Papers are also drawn from the research work of the Society.

This new volume provides a record of the proceedings of the seventh annual meeting of international prosecutors at the Chautauqua Institution from August 25-27, 2013, focused on the theme “The Long Hot Summer After the Arab Spring: Accountability and the Rule of Law.” The volume includes the prosecutors’ updates regarding the activities of their respective courts and tribunals,

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HeinCites 44-14 | 15% off Specialty Law Titles

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Aviation Law: Cases and Problems
by Wendy B. Davis

This title addresses such issues as the authority of the Federal Aviation Administration, Aircraft Accident Investigation and Land Use issues surrounding airports. Each chapter includes redactions of several cases, with each case illustrating a point of law related to the chapter topic. Statutes and regulations are reprinted where appropriate. Each case is followed by notes and questions with citations to cases for further reading. Complimentary Teacher’s Manual available.

Item #: 1040
ISBN: 9780837731292
1 volume…………$72.00
Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2004



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HeinCites 43-14 | The Only In-Print Source for Official Government Publications

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Titles Exclusively Reprinted by Hein

Many of the most important official documents published by the U.S. federal government in recent years have been available only in electronic format. At the recommendation of key law and government documents librarians, Hein is reprinting many of these documents, making them available in hardcopy format to ensure their existence for future generations of legal researchers.

Topics covered include:

  • Federal Tax Reform
  • Homeland Security and the Law of War
  • Enron and Corporate Fraud
  • Events Related to the September 11 Terrorist Attacks
  • The Abu Ghraib Detainee Abuse Scandal
  • The Federal Death Penalty System

Item #: 5742
Standing order customers to Hein’s Electronic Documents Reprint Series will automatically or should have already received titles.

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HeinCites 42-14 | The Most Informative Edition Written to Date

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Gibson’s New York Legal Research Guide, Fourth Edition is the latest edition of the most comprehensive legal research guide available for New York State and New York City law. This award-winning guide has again been updated to accommodate the ever-changing laws of New York and contains complete coverage of the rich legal history of the City and its current primary and secondary legal research sources.

This guide is essential to studying New York Law and a must-have reference book for any attorney, paralegal, law librarian, law professor, or student performing legal research on New York!

The 4th Edition includes:

  • New developments in both print and electronic sources of information, including the new legal research service Bloomberg BNA,

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HeinCites 41-14 | Your Guide to Career Paths in International Law from Hein

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The American Society of International Law brings an invaluable publication for everyone from pre-law majors to current lawyers

Careers in International Law: A Guide to Career Paths in International Law includes advice on everything from study abroad options to scholarship opportunities to networking and professional presentation. Please note that this supersedes the 2009-2010 Edition.

The 2013-2014 Edition includes:

  • Personal insights from global leaders
  • Practical advice from professionals
  • Detailed, step-by-step approach to evaluating professional development choices
  • More than 30 international fellowships
  • Nearly 200 international internships
  • Dozens of international moot court and writing competitions
  • Inspiring stories

Item #:916
ISBN: 978098429446
ASIL Member…………$20.00
Distributed: Buffalo;

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HeinCites 40-14 | The Only Bibliography of its Kind Worldwide

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Now doubled in size, this is a one-of-a-kind title.

Japanese Business Law, Second Edition is a selective but substantial bibliography of Western-language scholarship that deals with Japanese commercial, public and private law. Perfect for any researcher, lawyer, librarian, teacher, or student of Japanese law who maintains or is building up a collection—or selection—of Japanese resources.

The updated second edition includes:

  • The only reference of Western-language materials on most areas of Japanese law
  • A first-person point of view of Japanese law for those who do not speak Japanese
  • A significant step in the contribution of law outside of Japan
  • Regrouping of chapters to include new books and articles in Western languages from 1997 to mid-2012
  • A completely rewritten guide to finding Japanese business law materials via the internet
  • 7 new chapters for specific fields of law
  • The volumes of work written during the second of Japan’s “lost decades”

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