Legal Research in Wisconsin

2008, Legal Education, Legal Profession, State Law editor

Second Edition
General Editor: Theodore A. Potter, with Jane Colwin, William J. Ebbott, Mary J. Koshollek & Sunil T. Rao

This Second Edition comes nearly ten years after the first, Wisconsin Practice Materials: A Selective Annotated Bibliography. A one-of-a-kind resource, this research guide continues the effort to offer a comprehensive reference tool about legal research in the state of Wisconsin. Legal Research in Wisconsin, Second Edition serves as a guide for attorneys, judges, paralegals, law librarians, students and others needing ready access to information in Wisconsin legal materials. It is also the intention of the authors that this work will benefit ordinary citizens, not as legal advice but as a guide outlining where Wisconsin’s statutory,

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Prestatehood Legal Materials

2008, Constitutional Law, Legislative History, Local/Municipal Government, State Law editor

A Fifty-State Research Guide, Including New York City and the District of Columbia
Edited by: Michael Chiorazzi and Marguerite Most

Originally published in 2005 by The Haworth Information Press, Prestatehood Legal Materials is a one-stop guide to the history and development of law in the United States and the change from territory to statehood. In this two-volume work, nearly 70 of the nation’s foremost legal professionals were tapped to share their wealth of knowledge with the research community. Readers are provided with brief overviews of state histories from colonization to acceptance into the United States.

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Published: Haworth Press,

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Handbook of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

2008, Law Reform, State Law editor

The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws is bringing conference proceedings up to date. Several volumes will be available annually until they are current. Each year’s handbook contains the pertinent information of the proceedings of the year’s conference, historical backgrounds listings, and Uniform and Model Acts approved, as well as acts promulgated by the National Conference which are at present recommended for adoption by all jurisdictions, acts withdrawn because they are obsolete or suspended, and other important topics covered at the National Conference.

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California Legal Research Handbook

2008, Legal Profession, State Law editor

Second Edition
By: Larry Dershem

At last, an all new edition of California Legal Research Handbook! The new edition, published nearly eleven years after the first, is now offered in a hand paperback format, replacing the bulky loose-leaf version. The complete contents of this book have been reorganized and appendixed material from the earlier edition are absorbed into the chapters where appropriate. This books differs from other legal research treatises in that it is designed specifically for California practitioners. It it more that just a bibliography, it’s a complete legal research road map!

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Published: Buffalo;

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