The International Law and Custom of Ancient Greece and Rome

2008, Comparative Law, International Law, Roman Law editor

By: Coleman Phillipson

Coleman Phillipson’s early 20th century work constitutes a substantial and important contribution to the history of law and of international relations. The International Law and Custom of Ancient Greece and Rome provides a systematic and comprehensive account of the international law, public and private, of these two legendary civilizations. The author has covered a wide field of historical and legal literature comprising most of the ancient writers and the works of modern investigators, bringing out the juridical side of the subject.
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Published: London; MacMillan and Co., Limited; 1911
Reprinted: Buffalo;

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The History of Roman Law

2008, Jurisprudence, Roman Law editor

From the Text of Ortolan’s Histoire de la Legislation Romaine et Generalisation du Droit (1870)
By Joseph Ortolan
Translated by I. Prichard & D. Nasmith

This masterful acid-free reprint outlines in great detail the birth, growth and decline of one of the most fascinating and influential societies in history. This work is packed with information for students, scholars and professionals alike and is a great addition to any Roman and ancient law collection.

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Originally Published: London; Butterworths; 1871.
Reprinted: Buffalo; William S. Hein &

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