Now Available – Food and Drug Law, 7th Ed.

Food Drugs and Cosmetics, New Book mrosati

The go-to resource for any practitioner, librarian, attorney, academia, or government personnel who works with food and drug law

foodanddrug7Food and Drug Law: Federal Regulation of Drugs, Biologics, Medical Devices, Foods, Dietary Supplements, Personal Care, Veterinary and Tobacco Products, Seventh Edition is a comprehensive book organized for ease of reading in order to comprehend a complex area of federal regulatory law.

Over the years, the practice and teaching of food and drug law has become an increasingly specialized subject. This new edition is organized to take the specialization into account and has been broken down into separate volumes with an introduction to provide a particular focus for the reader.

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Now Available – New Title in Ames Foundation Publication Series

Ames Foundation, New Book editor

The Spoils of the Pope and the Pirates, 1357: The Complete Legal Dossier from the Vatican Archives

Edited by:
Daniel Williman & Karen Ann Corsano

Over the course of almost fifty years, the editors have pieced together from the vast archive of the Avignonese papacy fifty-four documents that tell the story of a shipwrecked pirate ship carrying treasure of the papal Camera at Avignon from the estate of a worldly bishop of Lisbon.

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The Boulder Statements on Legal Research Education – Now Available!

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A Must-Have for Every Legal Research Professor,
Created by a Leading Group of Legal Scholars!

The Boulder Statements on Legal Research Education
The Intersection of Intellectual and Practical Skills

Edited by Susan Nevelow Mart
University of Colorado Law School

9780837738734The Boulder Statements on Legal Research Education envision legal research education as an intellectual, analytical, and iterative process. The statements’ goal is to teach students to think strategically about their research processes, understand the sources they are using and why they are useful, analyze their results, and engage in continual adjustment of their strategy and evaluation of their results until reaching a resolution to the research problem.

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Coming Soon – Gibson’s New York Legal Research Guide, 4th Edition!

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Pre-Order the Newest Edition of New York’s
Leading Research Guide

Gibson’s New York Legal Research Guide, Fourth Edition

William H. Manz
St. John’s University School of Law


Price: $85.00
Item #: 349040
ISBN: 9780837739755
Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2013
Standing orders will automatically receive this title unless advised to the contrary.

This guide is essential to studying New York Law and a must-have reference book for any attorney, paralegal, law librarian, law professor, or student performing legal research on New York!

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New Title Featuring Soft Law Now Available!

Administrative Law, New Book mrosati

Available for the first time in English, a perfect companion for the study of Administration Law, and a must for scholars, students and practitioners, we are pleased to present:

Soft Law Governance: Towards an Integrated Approach

By Luo Haocai & Song Gongde
Translated by Ben Armour & Tang Harlong

This book systematically and comprehensively elaborates soft law. It mainly discusses two aspects of soft law research. First is to construct a soft law theoretical system which aims at interpreting soft law governance phenomena, including such basic content as what soft law is and its function, the relationship between soft and hard law,

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