NEW BOOK: User’s Guide to The Bluebook®: Revised for the 21st Edition

Citation Standards, New Book, New Edition Breanne Callahan

About the User’s Guide to The Bluebook®

The Bluebook®: A Uniform System of Citation is still the dominant authority on proper legal citation form. Unfortunately, this edition—like its predecessors—is complicated, picky, and long. This Guide is designed to make your task of mastering The Bluebook® as easy and painless as possible. It helps alleviate the obstacles faced by students—and even lawyers—when using proper citation form. This text is designed as a how-to manual and takes a step-by-step approach to learning the basic skills of citation.

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NEW BOOK: Leaven of Sympathy: A Bio-Bibliography of Frederick C. Hicks

AALL Publications Series, Bibliography, Biography/Writings on Legal Minds, Legal Research, New Book Breanne Callahan

  • The first-ever comprehensive bio-bibliography of any law librarian, focused on the works of Frederick C. Hicks (a founder of AALL)
  • A full timeline of the life of Hicks, essays from the librarian himself, and 159 annotated entries, organized chronologically
  • Complete with name and subject indexes, chronology, and appendices to aid user access and highlight Hicks’ works, personality, and artistry
  • Perfect for academic and law libraries, members of AALL or ALA, and scholars interested in the history of legal pedagogy, law, or library history

About Frederick C.

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NEW BOOK: Judicial Ethics and Discipline: A Legal Research Guide

Legal Research, Legal Research Guides, New Book Breanne Callahan

  • Provides a comprehensive bibliography of judicial ethics and discipline
  • Highlights federal and state resources available to researchers
  • Presents detailed coverage of the major primary and secondary sources in judicial ethics and discipline
  • Perfect for students, lawyers, and judges interested in the topic of legal ethics

About This Title

Legal ethics is usually seen as ethics dealing with attorney practice, but there has been a significant increase in the consideration of judicial conduct throughout the country. The American Bar Association has created a Model Code of Judicial Conduct (1990,

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NEW BOOK: Chinese Internet Law

Chinese Law, Chinese Law Series, New Book Breanne Callahan

China Skyline

  • Identifies applicable Chinese laws governing the use of the Internet
  • Explores systematic updates with easy-to-understand interpretations of legal doctrines, principles, and statutes
  • Practice-focused cases with illustrations exemplify how Chinese Internet laws are currently enforced
  • Comprehensive and broad-spectrum coverage of a myriad of topics with regard to cyberspace
  • Perfect for legal and business academics, as well as professionals who have an interest in the regulation of the Internet

About This Title

Chinese Internet Law represents a comprehensive, systematic,

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NEW BOOK: Drones: A Legal Research Guide

Legal Research Guides, New Book Breanne Callahan

  • Unprecedented work on drones and their rapidly growing technology
  • Easy-to-follow research guide covering primary and secondary resources
  • Abundant research material that details the use of drones and how to locate specific laws, regulations, and federal and state agencies that govern them
  • Perfect for students, lawyers, and any citizen researching all matters regarding drones, including their usage and restrictions

About This Title

Drones have garnered recent global headlines, yet these unmanned aircraft (UA), also known as unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs),

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NEW BOOK: Researching Texas Law, Fourth Edition

New Book, State Law Breanne Callahan

  • New fourth edition coincides with current editions of the Bluebook and Greenbook
  • Instructs readers on the “general rules” of legal research and the many distinctions present in Texas legal authorities
  • Presents a plethora of vital print and online resources
  • Perfect for those studying, practicing, or engaging in Texas law and legal research

About the Fourth Edition

This practical manual covers not only traditional areas of legal research (such as cases, court rules, statutes, and regulations),

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A Higher Law: Readings on the Influence of Christian Thought in Anglo-American Law, Third Edition

New Book, Religion/Theology and the Law Breanne Callahan

  • Develop a deep understanding of the Christian influence on American law
  • Become familiar with the most important legal thinkers and philosophies that have shaped American law today
  • Updated readings and expanded chapters allow readers to apply various legal philosophies to important cultural trends and pressing issues of the day
  • Perfect for pre-law and law students, or any lawyer with an interest in legal philosophy and rights issues

About This Title

This third edition continues to further the quest to look beyond legal rules and institutions to the legal philosophies that shaped them.

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Trade Secrets: A Legal Research Guide, 2nd ed.

Legal Research Guides, New Book Skyler Hein

  • First and only research guide of its kind!
  • New edition includes additional, extensive, and well-rounded treatises,
    covering all applicable research resources
  • Must-have guide for all academic law firms and business libraries dealing with trade secrets
  • Ground-breaking model for a new generation of legal research books which guide the teaching and understanding of trade secrets law

About This Title

The topic of trade secrets is an area of law growing in importance to legal and business professionals.

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Sharia (Islamic Law) in the Contemporary World: A Legal Research Guide

Legal Research Guides, New Book Breanne Callahan

  • First and only research guide of its kind
  • A comprehensive bibliography of essential academic literature on Sharia law
  • Unravels the complex theories, principles, and rules of Islamic jurisprudence
  • Perfect for students, professors, or anyone studying Sharia’s impact on a wide variety of national and international legal issues

About This Title

Sharia (Islamic Law) is one of the most established and controversial legal systems in the world. The literal meaning of Sharia is “the way to the watering hole” and is Islam’s prescribed way (or set of guidelines) for living morally and achieving salvation.

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International Citator and Research Guide: The Greenbook

International Citation Standards, Legal Research, New Book Lauren Mattiuzzo


Compiled and Edited by
Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law

  • First and only resource of its kind!
  • International companion to The Bluebook; fills in gaps and goes well beyond the existing coverage
  • Ground-breaking title perfect for scholars, professors, students, legal practitioners, and anyone with an interest in international legal citation and research
  • Uniform citation authority and research guide for countries throughout the world

About This Series –

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