The Rise of Experiential Legal Research Instruction

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The goal of Trends Interactive is to generate freewheeling discussion on a variety of subjects of interest to law librarians. This article on experiential legal research instruction has been written by Amy Emerson,  Director Cornell Legal Research Clinic


Traditionally, the methods by which librarians taught research skills were focused on conventional lectures and demonstrations, some of which took place in the classroom, but many of which took place at the reference desk and in the stacks. As databases began to overtake print materials as the primary medium for legal materials, librarians quickly recognized that teaching legal research solely through lecture and demonstration was inadequate for optimum student learning.

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Legal Patrimony of Haiti: An Annotated Bibliography

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With the heightened interest in Haiti following the earthquake of 2010, and the troubled state of its institutions in the decades before that, the goal of The Legal Patrimony of Haiti: An Annotated Bibliography by the LLMC Staff is to provide a comprehensive and bilingual bibliographic foundation upon which Haitians and others of goodwill can re-start the process of building Haitian legal and governmental institutions. It incorporates a broader range of titles than has been traditional to reflect contemporary social science insight that the development of law in a country cannot be understood without some knowledge of the wider society and its historical legacies.

All of the annotations included are published in a bilingual format to facilitate use by both French and English language readers.

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The Invention of Legal Research

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The past three decades have witnessed a revolution in legal research methodology. Legal databases have transformed research from an entirely print-based process to one dominated by online methods. This online revolution is not unprecedented, however, and it is not a stretch to think that law practice was transformed during the period from 1870 to 1890 as much as it has been the past thirty years. The Invention of Legal Research by Joseph L. Gerken is the story of those “golden decades”.

The late 1800s saw the development of U.S. case reporters, digests and citators from the early days of the republic to the emergence of the West National Reporter System, West Digests and Shepard’s Citations. This history also includes stories on the enterprising,

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Warehouse Clearance Book Sale – 40% Off While Supplies Last

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The Boulder Statements on Legal Research Education – Now Available!

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A Must-Have for Every Legal Research Professor,
Created by a Leading Group of Legal Scholars!

The Boulder Statements on Legal Research Education
The Intersection of Intellectual and Practical Skills

Edited by Susan Nevelow Mart
University of Colorado Law School

9780837738734The Boulder Statements on Legal Research Education envision legal research education as an intellectual, analytical, and iterative process. The statements’ goal is to teach students to think strategically about their research processes, understand the sources they are using and why they are useful, analyze their results, and engage in continual adjustment of their strategy and evaluation of their results until reaching a resolution to the research problem.

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Are you a law student preparing for the bar exam?

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If you are a law student and looking forward (dreading) to the bar exam and a little short on cash? How about checking out our newest eBook, 1000 Days to the Bar But the Practice of Law Begins Now, 2nd Edition, now available from Amazon and Google Books!

The first edition of this essential work, published in 2003, provided first year law students with a fresh and novel approach to the study of law. Students discovered how to:

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New Study Guide from Hein! Legalese to ENGLISH: Civil Procedure

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BUFFALO, NY, August 18, 2011–Legalese to ENGLISH: Civil Procedure (William S. Hein & Co, August, 2011) is the first volume in a groundbreaking series of law-school study guides. The step-by-step approach set forth in Legalese to English is one that has already propelled thousands of students to the top of their law-school classes. The authors use their signature straight-talking style to break down tough cases and concepts into simple, manageable components. 

If you would like to read the rest of the press release please click the link below or if you would like to purchase the study guide follow the “Order Now” link.

Press Release

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Introduction to Commercial Law

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Cases, Problems and Materials
Sixth Edition
By: Howard W. Foss

Now in its sixth edition, Howard Foss’s Introduction to Commercial Law: Cases, Problems and Materials is an excellent introductory tool for the commercial law novice. Part I of this work covers the Sale of Goods, Part II covers Commercial Paper, and Part III covers Secured Transactions. This work also covers Articles 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. The goal is for readers to become acquainted with issue-generating phrases within the statutory language of the Code. This guide on commercial law is ideal for students, researchers, professors, and librarians.

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