Now Available – Mark Twain vs. Lawyers, Lawmakers, and Lawbreakers: Humorous Observations

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mtbookCompiled and Edited by Kenneth Bresler

Mark Twain vs. Lawyers, Lawmakers, and Lawbreakers is a delightful anthology of humorous sketches and quotations by America’s leading humorist. The compilation covers two broad categories: law & lawyers and government & politics. Carefully researched and footnoted, this book includes many lesser known observations and quotations–all verified–from Twain’s abundant letters. Footnotes are in Bluebook format, so they can readily be inserted into legal pleadings.

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ISBN: 9780837739571
Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2014

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Praise for Mark Twain vs.

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Bench and Bar

2009, Criminal Justice, Legal Anecdotes, Legal Profession editor

A Complete Digest of the Wit, Humor, Asperities and Amenities of the Law
By: L.J. Bigelow

While many historical works provide summaries of decisions made in various courts, few titles offer insight into the actual discussions and debates that frequently occurred. L. J. Bigelow’s Bench and Bar contains hundreds of anecdotes from the Lord Chancellors of England and celebrated British Barristers, as well as from Chief Justices and distinguished advocates of the United States. Bench and Bar also serves the valuable purpose of providing a glimpse into the lives of important historical figures, such as Sir Thomas More, Queen Eleanor, John Jay, John Marshall, and Aaron Burr.

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Originally Published: New York;

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Legal Briefs and Bytes

2008, Legal Anecdotes, Legal Profession editor

Enlightening and Amusing Insights on the Law
Compiled and Edited By: John C. Szarko, Ph.D.

Legal Briefs and Bytes is a witty collection of quips, quotations, one-liners and anecdotes from the world of law. With insight and humor, Szarko has collected the intriguing words of hundreds of well-known individuals, from the law legends Roscoe Pound and Oliver Wendell Holmes, to literary giants Truman Capote and Oscar Wilde, to current celebrities Diane Sawyer and Jay Leno.

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Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2006

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Legal Anecdotes, Wit, and Rejoinder

2008, Legal Anecdotes editor

By: Edward J. Bander

Expand your legal quotations holding today with Legal Anecdotes, Wit, and Rejoinder. This work from Vandeplas Publishing is a vibrant collection of material that is topical, biographical, and witty. Supreme Court Justices from John Marshall to Antonin Scalia, lawyers from Daniel Webster to Edward Bennett Williams, law schools, law students, lawyers, and judges are all part of this panoply of anecdotes. Subject matter includes attorney fees, certiorari, cross references, oral argument, and many other topics.

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Published: Lake Mary, Florida; Vandeplas Publishing; 2007
Distributed by William S.

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