Bilateral Free Trade Agreements

2008, 2009, International Business/Economics, Legislative History, Trade Regulation admin

By: William H. Manz

This 11-volume compilation details the bilateral free trade agreements made between the United States and Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, Singapore, Chile and many others. It contains the final acts, the congressional debates, reports, hearings, and related materials for these agreements. This collection enhances the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) legislative history, published by Hein in 1994, and provides researchers with a one-stop resource to learn more about the evolution of free trade agreements between the United States and other countries around the world.

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Law on Product Quality Control and Product Liability in China

2008, Business/Economics, Chinese Law, Health and Safety, International Business/Economics admin

By: Jiansheng Li

This is the first English-language text to introduce and discuss the laws, regulations and cases in China concerning product quality control and product liability. Jiansheng Li provides a comprehensive introduction to the legal system of the People’s Republic of China regarding product quality control and product liability, including its historical evolution and current status.

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Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2006

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International Arbitral Law and Procedure

2008, International Business/Economics, International Law, International Relations admin

Being a Resume of the Procedure and Practice of International Commissions, and Including the Views of Arbitrators Upon Questions Arising Under the Law of Nations
By Jackson H. Ralston

This newly reprinted book is a great addition to your international law collection. Published for the International School of Peace, this work endeavored to present a brief analysis of nearly 650 cases brought before the international arbitral tribunals before 1910. Author Jackson H. Ralston draws principally from Moore’s Digest of International Arbitrations, as well as from ten commissions in the Venezuelan Arbitrations of 1903.
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