July 2016 Trivia

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Following is the July 2016 Trivia Contest:

Where in the World is Hein?


Recently Shannon Sabo visited Philadelphia for the Special Libraries Association 2016 Meeting. She stopped by this famous site.




Where is Shannon?


Email your answer to marketing@wshein.com by July 31, 2016. If you submit a correct answer to the question asked above, you’ll be entered to win a “Where in the World is Hein” t-shirt! Be sure to include your name, organization or institution, and your mailing address. We’ll announce the winner in a follow-up blog post and in the monthly HeinOnline Newsletter,

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June 2016 Trivia Winner

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Congratulations to our June 2016 Trivia Contest Winner:

Savanna Nolan
Digital Reference Librarian
University of Baltimore School of Law
Where in the World is Hein?

Steve Roses, Dick Spinelli and Bonnie Hein were recently in Texas for SEALL/SWALL and visited this library and museum pictured below.

What is the name of the museum they visited?




Savanna correctly identified the museum as the George H.W. Bush Library and Museum.

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National Survey of State Laws 7th Edition and Database Now Available!

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We are excited to announce the release of both a new edition and a database version of Richard Leiter’s award-winning publication, National Survey of State Laws.

The seventh edition of National Survey of State Laws provides an overall view of some of the most sought-after and controversial legal topics in the United States. The book and the database are presented in chart format, and both versions allow users to make state-by-state comparisons of current state laws. Use the database version of this title to search the content and metadata, or to browse laws either by category or by topic. Compare only certain states’ laws, or view laws as they appear in the current edition compared to the two previous editions.

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Introducing: Our New Homepages!

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We’ve updated our websites!

Due to feedback from a recent Marketing survey sent out earlier this year, we have updated our company homepages for both William S. Hein & Co., Inc. and HeinOnline. Today we are releasing these new homepages along with the HeinOnline Enhanced Interface! The goal of our new homepages is to provide our customers with the most useful and relevant information.

Introducing home.wshein.com – This page will act as an umbrella for the entire Hein Company.


We’ve updated www.wshein.com 





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Now Available through Hein

Hein is proud to announce that the official journal of the World Association for Medical Law, Medicine and Law, published at the University of Haifa, is now available  through HeinOnline via our Current Content Subscription Model.

About Medicine and Law

Medicine and Law is an international publication dealing with medico legal issues. The journal is composed of original articles, court decisions, and legislation.

Topics include:CALLOUT2
  • Medical Law
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Sexology and Law
  • Psychiatry and Law
  • Psychology and Law
  • Dentistry and Law
  • Nursing Law
  • Pharmaceutical Law
  • Medical Ethics
  • And more!

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Introducing: Trends Interactive: A Dialog on Law Libraries and Technology

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Trends Interactive: A Dialog on Law Libraries and Technology is replacing the current Trends in Law Library Management and Technology.

Trends Interactive will appear regularly as a column, here on the Hein Blog. The blog posts will cover various topics of interest to law librarians.

Some possible topics include:

  • Staffing Issues in the New Millennium
  • Space Planning in the Age of Virtual Collections
  • Collection Building in the 21st Century
  • Outsourcing Law Library Services
  • Using Metrics to Determine Value in the Law Library
  • Moving Toward Specialized Services

The posts will be short and conversational,

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ACRL 2015 Recap

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The Hein Company recently attended the Association of College & Research Libraries Conference in Portland, Oregon. We had a great time introducing HeinOnline to new people, sharing our recent updates and enhancements, and we even gave away a brand new bike! We are always thrilled to meet so many new people at conferences. Our goal is to provide the best customer service in our industry, and we take great pleasure in getting to know our customers in a one-on-one setting.

Below we have provided all the information that was available at our booth during the conference. This includes links to available brochures, the winner of our bike giveaway, and information about how to access a free campus wide trial to HeinOnline.

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In the News: Physician-Assisted Suicide

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On Friday, February 6th, Canada’s supreme court overturned the ban of physician-assisted suicide in the country. The court said the law denies people the right “to make decisions concerning their bodily integrity and medical care” and leaves them “to endure intolerable suffering.”

The ruling includes several provisions:

  • Patients must be competent adults who clearly consent to terminating their life.
  • They must be suffering from “a grievous and irremediable medical condition … that causes enduring suffering that is intolerable.”
  • Physicians cannot be compelled to assist those who want to die.

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Canada isn’t the only one looking to pass legislation on this topic.

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HeinOnline Libraries Continue to Grow

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When HeinOnline first begin in 2000, early institutional subscribers saw the value that online page-images brought to the legal research community and encouraged Hein to add content beyond the scope of historical legal periodicals.

As a result, Hein expanded its initial goal and HeinOnline now delivers more and more content that is needed by today’s legal researchers. Today, HeinOnline contains more than fifty library modules, and subscribers in more than 175 countries enjoy online access to more than 100 million pages of legal research material that in many instances is only available online in HeinOnline.

The true value of a HeinOnline subscription is not only in the exact page images in a searchable PDF format.

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Last year we began posting monthly updates to our World Constitutions Illustrated Library here, on our blog.  We have continued to send quarterly e-mail updates regarding new documents, new titles, and new linking in the World’s Constitutions Illustrated library.

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With the January release, 13 new documents, including numerous recent releases and 29 new titles have been added to World Constitutions Illustrated; see below for details.



  • Federal Constitutional Law was amended by Acts Nos. 101 and 102, both austria published in the Bundesgesetzblatt of 29 December 2014 with effect from 1 January 2015
  • Two amending laws and the consolidated text of the Federal Chancellery in German.

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