Hein Cites Issue #18: Celebrate Constitutions Day with HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated!

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World Constitutions Illustrated

The Most Complete Source for Current & Historical Constitutions

HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated holds thousands of contemporary and historical documents. Focusing on the study of historical and current constitutions of governments, this database enables scholars to research constitutional and political developments of the nations of our world. This database provides access to all types of documents about constitutions and allows libraries to contribute.

What’s Included:

  • Current constitution of every country.
  • Constitutional histories of several countries including the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Italy, South Africa, and El Salvador (among others).
  • Thousands of books on constitutional law,

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Hein Cited Issue #17: Hein as the Resources you need on Copyright Law!

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Legislative History of the 1909 Copyright Act


The best resource for the history of copyright law

This collection contains all of the significant materials leading to the Copyright Act of 1909. Many of these documents were never distributed on a wide basis, and some were never officially published. Hence, this set’s value to the legal research community.

Under the 1909 Act, federal statutory copyright protection attached to the original works only when the titles were published and had a notice of copyright affixed. Therefore state copyright law governed protection for unpublished works, but published titles, whether they had a notice of copyright or not, were governed only by federal law.

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Hein Cites Issue #15: Save up to 30% on this monumental reprint!

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For a limited time save on these titles! See below for details.

Constitutions of Nations Series

By: Amos J. Peaslee

The first Englishlanguage text containing the constitutions of world nations!
Published in 1950, the first edition of Amos J. Peaslee’s Constitutions of Nations was the first-ever compilation of national constitutions of the world published in English. The first edition, in three volumes, includes the seals or coat or of arms and a summary description and bibliography for each of the 83 nations featured. The 2nd,

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The Ideology, Fundamentals, and Power of World Religions

We are pleased to introduce Religion and the Law in HeinOnline. This collection includes more than 1,200 titles and 600,000 pages of material related to religion and the law. Materials include books, periodicals, and bibliographies and provide a platform to research the development, history, organization, and fundamental principles of various world religions. This collection also includes Christian Legal Society Publications, and rare historical bibles.


Featuring works on:callut1

  • Canon Law
  • History of the Church & State
  • Religion & Freedom
  • Jewish Law
  • Reformation Period
  • Early Constitutions of the Church
  • Religion &

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NOW AVAILABLE: Legal Information Buyer’s Guide and Reference Manual

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Winner of the 1997 Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award

Since its first publication in 1996, this now classic serial publication has become a standard acquisitions tool and reference guide in law libraries across the country and the world. Covering all categories of legal information, it also contains the most extensive annotated bibliography of legal treatises on the market, state legal bibliographies, and a wealth of pricing and supplementation costs data. In 2004, it was cited by Legal Information Alert as one of the top 20 innovations in the field of legal information in the past ten years, and the only book in a rarefied list that included Google and search engines, blogs, and KeyCite.

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HeinCites Issue 9 | See How You Can Save on our Most Popular Family Law Titles

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Teacher’s Manual Available!

The second edition of this casebook contains statutes from every region of the pic1United States and from as many states as possible, extensively edited cases from several jurisdictions, interdisciplinary materials that reflect sociological and psychological aspects of adoption, tools such as practice pointers, a hearing transcript and forms to give a bird’s-eye view of the practice of adoption law, plus a table of cases, appendices, and an index.

There are also new chapters on alternatives to adoption, child welfare and ethics. Professors will find this information valuable for classroom discussion, while practitioners will find it helpful for drafting documents and representing their clients.

Want to use this book as a part of your classroom instruction?

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HeinCites Issue 2| Love Legal Research and our Environment?

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Volume 64 in Hein’s Legal Research Guide Series!

This title is a comprehensive guide to researching environmental justice and the757a27b0-ff3a-42d8-b026-824567242ae2 evolution of geographic equity. Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies.

Containing information relevant to legal issues pertaining to the pursuit of environmental justice, this guide covers where to begin your research, including suggested internet sources, federal statutory law and legislative resources, executive branch materials, secondary materials, statistics, science and much more. Subjects include the liability for environmental damages, environmental laws,

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