Children’s Legal Rights Journal is Now Available in Hein’s Current Online Subscription Model!

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Second Journal Added to Hein’s New Digital Publishing Platform!

William S. Hein & Co., Inc. is pleased to announce that Children’s Legal Rights Journal is now available in Hein’s Current Online Subscription Model. This is the second journal to be introduced to this new format from Hein!

About the Children’s Legal Rights Journal

This is a quarterly periodical, co-edited by the ABA Center on Children and the Law and the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, in cooperation with the National Association of Counsel for Children. Published for over twenty-five years, Children’s Legal Rights Journal focuses on the broad range of legal issues confronting children.

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Equal Educational Opportunities For All Children:

2009, Bibliography, Education Law, Legal Research Guides editor

A Research Guide to Discrimination in Education (1950-2005), Second Edition
By: Carol Morgan Collins

The Second Edition of Equal Educational Opportunities For All Children features a bibliographic compilation provided as a research guide to the law and literature on race and national origin, gender and disability discrimination found in publicly funded schools. Researchers, school administrators and officials, practitioners, teachers, parents, and students will find useful references in this guide. The 49th volume in Hein’s Legal Research Guides Series, this work contains historical timelines in the development of the U.S. Department of Education and federal legislation, constitutional amendments and selected statutes pertaining to education in the United States.
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Published: Buffalo;

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