An Enquiry Into the Extent of the Power of Juries,

2008, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Terrorism and Security Issues, United Kingdom admin

on Trials of Indictments or Informations, for Publishing Seditious, or other Criminal Writings, or Libels, Extracted From a Miscellaneous Collection of Papers …
By Francis Maseres

This new acid-free reprint from Hein is an uncommon essay written by Francis Maseres, the Inner Temple bencher whom Bentham called “one of the most honest lawyers England ever saw.” This reprint also includes commentary on the Province of Quebec.

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Originally Published: Dublin; For Messrs. E. Lynch, P. Byrne, et al; 1792.
Reprinted: Buffalo; William S. Hein &

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Commentaries on the Laws of Statutory Crimes;

2008, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law and Procedure, Jurisprudence admin

Including the Written Laws and Their Interpretation in General, What is Special to the Criminal Law, and the Specific Statutory Offenses as to Both Law and Procedure, Second Edition
By: Joel Prentiss Bishop

This reprint from Hein is a historically useful book for any criminal law collection. Statutory law is written law, as opposed to oral or customary law, set down by a legislature or other governing authority, such as the executive branch of government, in response to a perceived need to clarify the functioning of government, improve civil order, answer a public need, to codify existing law, or for an individual or company to obtain special treatment. In this work, Bishop looks at the creation,

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And Justice For All

2008, Criminal Justice, Criminal Law and Procedure, Political Science admin

By: William M. Kunstler

In this reprint, Kunstler explores ten criminal trials, including the cases of Mary Surratt, Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs, and Sacco and Vanzetti. William M. Kunstler defended many controversial clients and throughout his career he believed that the “fixed preconceptions of the community” can contribute more to the outcome of criminal trials than the quantity or quality of the evidence. Kunstler shows readers evidence of the overwhelming influence of societal attitudes working against the defendants in each case.

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Originally Published: Dobbs Ferry; Oceana Publications; 1963
Reprinted: Buffalo; William S. Hein &

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