NEW BOOK: Prince’s Dictionary of Legal Citations, Tenth Edition

Citation Standards, Legal Research, New Book, New Edition Breanne Callahan

  • Incorporates five years of Bluebook updates according to 21st Edition standards
  • Includes updated references to local citation rules and timely article examples
  • Addresses new rule for illustrations and photographs
  • Has served as the most reliable Bluebook companion for law students and professors alike for more than 40 years

About This Title

Prince’s Dictionary of Legal Citations assists the legal profession in citing legal authorities according to the rules given in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation,

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NEW BOOK: User’s Guide to The Bluebook®: Revised for the 21st Edition

Citation Standards, New Book, New Edition Breanne Callahan

About the User’s Guide to The Bluebook®

The Bluebook®: A Uniform System of Citation is still the dominant authority on proper legal citation form. Unfortunately, this edition—like its predecessors—is complicated, picky, and long. This Guide is designed to make your task of mastering The Bluebook® as easy and painless as possible. It helps alleviate the obstacles faced by students—and even lawyers—when using proper citation form. This text is designed as a how-to manual and takes a step-by-step approach to learning the basic skills of citation.

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