Now Available – A Bibliographical Catalog of William Blackstone

Bibliography, New Book editor

Ann Laeuchli has been working on her Blackstone bibliography for two decades.  The finished product is a masterwork, without question joining Morris Cohen’s Bibliography of Early American Law as the two finest works of legal bibliography in our time.”

– Fred Shapiro, Associate Librarian for Collections and Access and Lecturer in Legal Research, Yale Law School; Editor, Yale Book of Quotations and Oxford Dictionary of American Legal Quotations

blackstoneAfter more than 20 years in the making, A Bibliographical Catalog of William Blackstone is now available! This work, accomplished by Ann Jordan Laeuchli, furthers the legacy of Sir William Blackstone, perhaps the foremost figure in the history of Anglo-American Law. 

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Recently Updated – Annuals and Surveys

Bibliography, Librarianship editor

Annuals and Surveys Appearing in Legal Periodicals An Annotated Listing 2012 Supplement

Compiled by Catherine L. Kerr & Joy Humphrey

Updated annually, this loose-leaf publication saves valuable research time by identifying surveys appearing in law reviews, bar association journals, and annuals. Researchers may overlook these sources and the wealth of information they offer because they are not always easy to find. This work is divided into three distinct parts:

  • State law surveys
  • U.S. Supreme Court and federal circuit surveys
  • Subject-specific surveys

Each individual listing contains the most current title of the annual or survey. If the title has changed significantly from prior years,

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AALL Government Documents Special Interest Section State Bibliographies

2010, AALL Government Document Series, Bibliography, State Law editor

Now Including:

Hawaii State Documents: A Selective Bibliography of
Legal Publications and Related Materials
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
State Documents Bibliography: Missouri
. . . . . . . . . . .
A Bibliography of Minnesota Legal Documents

The AALL GD-SIS was established in 1974 to disseminate information on government documents to AALL members, to further the continuing education of law librarians in documents librarianship, to coordinate the activities of law librarians in representing their interest to public and private groups, and to work in cooperation with documents groups in other associations and organizations.

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Bibliography of Early American Law

2010, Bibliography, Legal History editor

2003 Supplement
Compiled by: Morris L. Cohen

When the original six volumes of Bibliography of Early American Law were published in 1998, it represented the culmination of an entire career of research for renowned lecturer, and Professor Emeritus at Yale Law School, Morris L. Cohen. While the bibliography contained more than 14,000 entries covering monographic and trial literature on American law and legal development up through 1860, Cohen has identified approximately 1,000 additional titles that needed further research and investigation, and therefore excluded these from the original six volume collection. After five years of additional research, Cohen completed and verified the entries, and added several more, to produce the 2003 Supplement to the Bibliography of Early American Law.

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Joined in Common Enterprise:

2010, Bibliography, Legal History editor

A Bibliography on the Origins of Early Anglo-American Partnership Law
By: Christopher Anglim

Joined in Common Enterprise is an exhaustive bibliography that documents the history of partnership law and offers a clear and detailed outline of its development. The work covers the literary sources of early Anglo-American partnership law and the legal rules of partnership, providing in-depth examination of the growth of partnership law through the ages, from natural law and civil law to the law merchant and the common law. A detailed, annotated guide to the literary sources of partnership law, this bibliography will assist scholars in researching broad academic issues, help students who are seeking introductory material, and aid practitioners searching for the origins of particular legal doctrines.

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Copyright in Congress 1789-1904

2010, Bibliography, Intellectual and Industrial Property, Legal History editor

A Bibliography, and Chronological Record of all Proceedings in Congress in relation to Copyright from April 15, 1789, to April 28, 1904, First Congress, 1st session, to Fifty-eighth Congress, 2nd session
Prepared by: Thorvald Solberg

This work provides a comprehensive bibliography of all bills introduced in Congress relating to copyright, from the first ever session of Congress through the second session of 1904. This 1905 Library of Congress “bulletin” contains all resolutions, laws enacted and miscellaneous copyright documents that have been printed. This work is invaluable in the historical study of U.S. Copyright Law.

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State Practice Materials

2010, AALL Publications Series, Bibliography, State Law editor

Annotated Bibliographies
General Editor: Frank Houdek
Sponsored by the American Association of Law Libraries

Recently Updated!

Researching the law of a state is impossible without relevant and up-to-date resources, which a researcher can acquire only by first identifying those that exist for the jurisdiction in question. Unfortunately, while some research guides and bibliographies are available for individual jurisdictions, they often are difficult to find, out-of-date, or both. State Practice Materials: Annotated Bibliographies provides up-to-date, annotated bibliographies of the basic legal practice tools in a single, easily accessible source. Bibliographies are arranged alphabetically by state, individually paginated, and separated by tabs. This work,

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Illinois Legal Research Guide

2010, Bibliography, Legal Education, Legal Profession, State Law editor

Second Edition
By: Laurel Wendt

Since 1988, the nature and methods of legal research have changed substantially. Federal, state, and local governments are now putting important information on their web sites, providing greater public access than ever before. Taking this vast change into account, Laurel Wendt compiled the second edition of Illinois Legal Research Guide, creating a must-have resource for any research of Illinois law. The author greatly updated her 17 year old first edition, reviewing statutes, local governments, the court system, administrative law, and all other materials affecting legal research in the state of Illinois. This valuable second edition offers truly complete coverage of the state’s legal resources and is essential for students,

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The Jurisprudence of United States Constitutional Interpretation

2010, Bibliography, Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence editor

An Annotated Bibliography, Second Edition
By: Shelley L. Dowling

The comprehensive annotated bibliography identifies and describes more than 900 documentary collections, textbooks, articles, and electronic resources bearing on U.S. constitutional interpretation. Included in the bibliography is a foreword by Sandra Day O’Connor, former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. This second edition adds ten years of additional resources to the original text, easing and guiding the research of federal courts, lawyers, historians and scholars by categorizing and annotating the most significant primary and secondary materials that inform our study of the Constitution. This bibliography will do more than aid those who interpret the Constitution; it will also serve as a guide for libraries seeking to build a core collection on constitutional history and law.

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