Author Spotlight: Stacia Stein and Douglas W. Lind

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Today we are featuring a guest post by Stacia Stein and Douglas W. Lind, authors of the 2021 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award Winner, The Leaven of Sympathy: A Bio-Bibliography of Frederick C. Hicks

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About the Authors

Stacia Stein

Stacia Stein is currently a Librarian at the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. She was introduced to Hicks by colleagues on her first day as Instructional Services Librarian at Yale Law School.

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NEW BOOK: Rebalancing Copyright: Considering Technology’s Impact on Libraries and the Public Interest

AALL Publications Series, New Book Breanne Callahan

  • A must-have resource that examines the past and future of copyright
  • Includes in-depth discussion of copyright in relation to libraries, whose missions inevitably dovetail with the public interest aspect of copyright
  • Explores potential copyright reform with an eye toward current and upcoming technological changes
  • Perfect for libraries, universities, policymakers, and individuals interested in copyright issues

About This Title

With each new significant technology advance—photocopiers, videorecorders, the graphical web—copyright owners have pushed courts and legislators to protect their interest over the public’s. Yet,

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NEW BOOK: Academic Law Libraries Within the Changing Landscape of Legal Education: A Primer for Deans and Provosts

AALL Publications Series, Law Libraries, Librarianship, New Book Breanne Callahan

  • A must-have resource to streamline communication among new and seasoned law school deans, library directors, and provosts
  • Identifies the most common questions that provosts and deans have about their law libraries
  • Explores the analytical steps and data points librarians use to answer these questions
  • Provides a practical application of the analytical steps and data stores on an actual library

About This Title

In a world where technology advances appear daily, deans and provosts often have questions about law libraries, their purposes, and whether technological innovations should lead to changes in library spaces,

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NEW BOOK: Leaven of Sympathy: A Bio-Bibliography of Frederick C. Hicks

AALL Publications Series, Bibliography, Biography/Writings on Legal Minds, Legal Research, New Book Breanne Callahan

  • The first-ever comprehensive bio-bibliography of any law librarian, focused on the works of Frederick C. Hicks (a founder of AALL)
  • A full timeline of the life of Hicks, essays from the librarian himself, and 159 annotated entries, organized chronologically
  • Complete with name and subject indexes, chronology, and appendices to aid user access and highlight Hicks’ works, personality, and artistry
  • Perfect for academic and law libraries, members of AALL or ALA, and scholars interested in the history of legal pedagogy, law, or library history

About Frederick C.

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Sexual Orientation, Gender Identities, and the Law: A Research Bibliography 2006-2016

AALL Publications Series, New Book Lauren Mattiuzzo

This new book is an excellent and unique bibliographic resource for librarians, students, and researchers. Containing more than 950 entries, this title and its predecessor titles cover more than 40 years of historical and current analyses of LGBTQ-related scholarship. Revolutionary voices collaborate to provide an expert overview of this complicated and evolving topic.

About This Title

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identities, and the Law: A Research Bibliography, 2006-2016 is the third published iteration of an ongoing commitment by the Standing Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

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Celebrating Diversity: A Legacy of Minority Leadership in the American Association of Law Libraries, Second Edition

AALL Publications Series, New Book, New Edition Lauren Mattiuzzo

  • Learn about the history of ethnic diversity within AALL and the essential role of minority law librarians in organizations and democratic society
  • Read first-hand about honorees’ journey to law librarianship—new edition includes updates and 23 new honoree profiles!
  • Perfect for future law librarians and all AALL members

About This Title

This new edition of Celebrating Diversity: A Legacy of Minority Leadership in the American Association of Law Libraries builds upon the first edition by providing updated information and new insights into diversity in law librarianship.

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