NEW BOOK: Leaven of Sympathy: A Bio-Bibliography of Frederick C. Hicks

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  • The first-ever comprehensive bio-bibliography of any law librarian, focused on the works of Frederick C. Hicks (a founder of AALL)
  • A full timeline of the life of Hicks, essays from the librarian himself, and 159 annotated entries, organized chronologically
  • Complete with name and subject indexes, chronology, and appendices to aid user access and highlight Hicks’ works, personality, and artistry
  • Perfect for academic and law libraries, members of AALL or ALA, and scholars interested in the history of legal pedagogy, law, or library history

About Frederick C. Hicks

Frederick Charles Hicks (1875-1956) was one of the great pioneers of law librarianship, and his legacies are numerous and profound. He is remembered as being the driving force behind law librarianship’s becoming recognized as a profession with its own scholarly and administrative needs. At a time when the Library of Congress’ classification of the law was but a dream, Hicks was instrumental in organizing and classifying legal information. In an age when academia was dominated by men, Hicks recognized the contribution of women in law libraries. When law school curricula was dominated by doctrinal courses, Hicks championed professional skills and the importance of legal research for law students. Frederick Hicks accomplished so much with such professional and administrative zeal that he was known, even in his lifetime, as “the dean of the law library profession in this country.”

About This Title

Filling a gap in the bibliographic and biographical literature of Frederick C. Hicks, The Leaven of Sympathy is an annotated bibliography of the works of the seminal law librarian. Drawing its title from Hicks’ beloved Men and Books Famous in the Law, this work provides the most thorough accounting of Hicks’ works to date, touching upon many aspects of the history of legal education, law (and general) library history, and Association history. It contains a full timeline of the life of Frederick C. Hicks, a robust biographical preface, which includes an excerpt from a little-known essay Hicks composed in his retirement, and nearly 160 entries organized chronologically and annotated with biographical references, footnotes, and cross-references.

There are also six appendices which highlight the work, personality, and artistry of the librarian-scholar, including never-before-published reminiscences from his colleagues, a list of photographs that Hicks sold to the Tichnor brothers for use as postcards, and a complete accounting of the courses taught by Hicks while at Yale Law School. To aid user access, name and subject indexes are also included.


About The Authors

Douglas W. Lind is Director of the Library and Professor of Law at Southern Illinois University. He received a BA from Purdue University, a JD from Valparaiso University, and an MILS from the University of Michigan. Prior to his arrival at SIU in 2007, Professor Lind was the Head of Collections at Georgetown Law. His writing and research interests focus on the production and distribution of printed materials in the mid-19th and early 20th centuries. He is the recipient of the Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographic Award, a national award which recognizes significant contributions to legal biographical literature, for his two-volume reference work Lincoln’s Suspension of Habeas Corpus.

Stacia Stein is the Instructional Services Librarian and a Lecturer in Legal Research at Yale Law School. She received a BA from DePaul University, a JD from DePaul University College of Law, and an MILS from the University of Illinois School of Library and Information Science. Prior to her arrival at YLS, Stacia practiced law in New York and Illinois. She teaches classes in Advanced Legal Research and Corporate Legal Research, and is particularly interested in creating a learner-centered classroom experience wherein students develop real-world legal research skills.

The Leaven of Sympathy: A Bio-Bibliography of Frederick C. Hicks*
AALL Publication Series No. 83
Item #: 1006908
ISBN: 978-0-8377-4122-2
Pages: xix, 194p. (214p. total)
1 Volume, perfect bound…….$99.00
Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2020

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