Defense, Liberty, and the Constitution: Exploring the Critical National Security Issues of Our Time

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  • A clear, direct, and honest narrative
  • Review the law and Constitution in relation to natural security threats
  • Identify important legal issues that can emerge as a result of national security threats
  • Explore an objective analysis of U.S. law and policy
  • Discover solutions to national security threats


Defense Liberty, and the Constitution: Exploring the Critical National Security Issues of Our Time analyzes the delicate balance between providing for an adequate defense and assuring civil liberties for all citizens. It provides a clear, direct, and honest narrative on what the law and the Constitution state with respect to national security issues. Each chapter identifies and thoroughly discusses the many important legal and political matters that have become relevant as a result of today’s most notable threats, while also determining how similar problems have been handled throughout the country’s history. This title addresses the USA Patriot Act, the export of sensitive U.S. weapons technology to potential enemies, and all other critical topics, recognizing the wide range of divergent views that have emerged from people’s conflicting philosophical approaches.

The U.S. Constitution asserts that its government must “provide for the common defense” and “secure the blessings of liberty.” Ronald J. Sievert’s Defense, Liberty, and the Constitution seeks to find the proper balance that will make the nation more secure while preserving the blessings of liberty enshrined in the Constitution to the greatest extent possible.


Ron Sievert graduated from St. Bonaventure University in 1970, served four years as an Army officer and graduated from the University of Texas School of Law in 1977. He joined the US Department of Justice in 1983. He served as Chief of the Austin Division, Chief of the Eastern District’s Criminal Division and as an Assistant Director in Washington. In 1990 he was assigned to DOJ’s National Security Working Group and as an International and National Security Coordinator for the Department as well as legal advisor to the Central Texas Counter Terrorism Working Group. He began teaching at the FBI Academy and US Department of Justice Advocacy Institute in 1985. In 1999 he began teaching National Security Law and Federal Criminal Law at the University of Texas School of Law and has continued at UT while teaching national security, homeland security and international law full time at the George H.W. Bush School of Government.

Defense, Liberty, and the Constitution: Exploring the Critical National Security Issues of Our Time
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ISBN: 978-0-8377-3707-2
Pages: xiii, 169p.
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Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2005

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