Nonprofit Organizations Law: A Legal Research Guide

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  • Only resource of its kind!
  • Provides an essential bibliography of primary and secondary sources on this
    growing topic
  • Perfect for lawyers, law students, librarians, and nonprofit organization researchers
  • Includes up-to-date information on all aspects of nonprofit sector, including
    federal tax legislation
  • Convenient, comprehensive and concise—easy to use for researchers

About This Title

The nonprofit sector of American society continues to be an increasingly important part of the United States economy, especially since the public sector is providing less while social needs are growing. Additionally, more law schools now offer nonprofit law courses as part of a standard curriculum.

This legal research guide provides a convenient, concise, and comprehensive bibliography of primary authority and academic legal literature to assist those researching topics relating to nonprofit law. It also contains an overview of American nonprofit law and annotations to the bibliographic entries to help determine the usefulness of the resources for a particular issue. This work will assist lawyers, law students, librarians, and nonprofit organization researchers seeking to understand and effectively use legal materials on nonprofit law.

About the Author

Christopher T. Anglim is a reference librarian at both the University of the District of Columbia and American University Washington School of Law. His degrees include a JD, MBA (with a Nonprofit Certification), MA in History, and a Masters in Library Science. In addition, he is a certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP). He previously worked at the law libraries at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas, and Prairie View A&M University. Dr. Anglim has written several other books, articles, and papers on issues of Law, Political Science, Government, Religion, and Business, and is a previous winner of the Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographic award.

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