Designing Law and Other Academic Libraries: Building Upon Change

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Designing Law and Other Academic Libraries: Building Upon Change, now in its third edition, is a must-have for every academic, library science, and architecture library. This 2017 revised edition features extensively revised chapters with much new material.



The third edition includes numerous new photographs from recently opened academic law libraries on the forefront of design. Represented among the more than 70 pictures and illustrations are American, Catholic, Georgetown, Marquette, and Oklahoma City Universities, the Universities of Maryland, Michigan, Pittsburgh, and Washington, as well as the College of William & Mary; each photo illustrates unique features and eye-catching décor.

Eight new librarian and architect contributors provide expert guidance on new and traditional topics, from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) to WiFi connectivity to display cabinetry. These include Patricia Andrasik, The Catholic University of America, School of Architecture and Planning (LEED certified buildings); Frances Brillantine, The Catholic University of America (displays and exhibits); Patricia Cervenka, Marquette University (libraries without walls); Len Davidson, The Catholic University of America (systems librarians); Jim Heller, William & Mary (library additions and renovations); Lee Peoples, Oklahoma City University (law libraries designed for learning); Patricia Scott, Loyola University of Chicago (urban, high-rise libraries) and Steve Young, The Catholic University of America (library as place).

While many chapters cover important evolving trends such as libraries designed for learning, libraries without walls, and libraries as placeholders, this classic, introductory, 550-page manual continues to serve as a starting point for librarians, architects, deans, faculty and institutional administrators new to the academic design and construction process. While the text collects in one volume the basic information one needs to know about the sequencing and progression of a large construction project, the core of the text focuses on planning for academic library spaces, operations, and services. Particularly useful are the many chapter footnotes that refer readers to experts in the field for more in-depth information.

Expanded appendices provide additional resources, including a recently updated annotated bibliography of more than 200 books and articles organized by library design topic. To optimize the book’s usefulness to the busy professional, a comprehensive table of contents and index provide many points of entry into the work.

Designing Law and Other Academic Libraries: Building Upon Change

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ISBN: 9780837740409
Pages: xxxviii, 520p.
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Published: Getzville; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2017