Research Guide to Chinese Copyright Law, Second Edition

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This book is not merely a revision of the first edition (Guide to China Copyright Law Studies); instead it is a complete rewrite. The new second edition attempts to capture and reflect the changes in the dramatically transformed landscape of Chinese copyright law since the first edition was published in 2000.

Copyright law was amended in 2010, followed by promulgation of a new set of regulations in 2013. China also joined a series of international treaties and agreements concerning copyright and intellectual property rights, including the TRIPS agreement of 2001 and the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances of 2012. The national legislature established three new specialized intellectual property courts in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Chinese citizens, enterprises, and organizations have become more aware of copyrights and intellectual property rights as valuable assets, as evidenced by a tremendous growth of court cases involving copyright and other intellectual property matters.

The new second edition includes:

  • Several new chapters with more content, such as Copyright Laws and Regulations, Court Decisions, and International Agreements and Treaties
  • Outlined chapters organized for easy use
  • New tables of cases and statutes to readily access information
  • New table of international agreements showing multilateral and bilateral agreements by country
  • Directory of Chinese intellectual property agencies and law firms
  • New Index to facilitate access to the information

About Hein’s Chinese Law Series:

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Research Guide to Chinese Copyright Law, Second Edition

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