Legal Patrimony of Haiti: An Annotated Bibliography

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With the heightened interest in Haiti following the earthquake of 2010, and the troubled state of its institutions in the decades before that, the goal of The Legal Patrimony of Haiti: An Annotated Bibliography by the LLMC Staff is to provide a comprehensive and bilingual bibliographic foundation upon which Haitians and others of goodwill can re-start the process of building Haitian legal and governmental institutions. It incorporates a broader range of titles than has been traditional to reflect contemporary social science insight that the development of law in a country cannot be understood without some knowledge of the wider society and its historical legacies.

All of the annotations included are published in a bilingual format to facilitate use by both French and English language readers. Special emphasis has been placed in the selections for the bibliographic listings on the impact on Haitian constitutional and legal development of its colonial “mother country,” France, and of its most important “neighbor,” the United States. Relations between Haiti and these two countries have been significant in social, legal, and commercial development for the last three centuries.

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Richard C. Amelung is the Retired Associate Director at the Saint Louis University Law Library and Director of the Law School’s Center for International and Comparative Law. Prior to his appointment as Associate Director in 2006, he served as the Library’s Head of Technical Services. He is a frequent panelist and speaker at AALL annual meetings. In 1997 he received the Renee D. Chapman Award for Excellence in Technical Services Law Librarianship from the Association’s Technical Services Special Interest Section. Richard holds a Ph.D. in French Language and Literature from Washington University in St. Louis.


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