National Survey of State Laws 7th Edition and Database Now Available!

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We are excited to announce the release of both a new edition and a database version of Richard Leiter’s award-winning publication, National Survey of State Laws.

The seventh edition of National Survey of State Laws provides an overall view of some of the most sought-after and controversial legal topics in the United States. The book and the database are presented in chart format, and both versions allow users to make state-by-state comparisons of current state laws. Use the database version of this title to search the content and metadata, or to browse laws either by category or by topic. Compare only certain states’ laws, or view laws as they appear in the current edition compared to the two previous editions.

Selecting a law from either the list of categories or the list of laws from the collection homepage will produce an easy-to-use comparison chart, which will include information pertaining to the law of each state.

For example, click Prayer in Public Schools:

To compare only the laws in Alabama and Arizona, check the boxes next to those states and click Show only checked states.

This will change the display to show only those states which have been checked:

To view the laws as they appeared in previous editions, click View Previous. For example, doing so shows that Arizona did not have statutory provisions on this topic in 2005 and 2008.

Click Related SCSL Subjects to view a linked list of related subjects in Subject Compilations of State Laws.

For help using this database, we have created a quick reference guide and a training video.

The database will be updated quarterly, and new print editions are expected to be released every two to three years. If you would like to order this valuable resource, contact our marketing team today! For additional help using the National Survey of State Laws database, contact our dedicated support team at (800) 277-6995, via email, or chat with us!