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A system software update is now available for the Digital Paper DPT-S1. Including several improvements, this update will enhance user experience with ShareFile cloud storage and file sharing service from Citrix Systems.

SONY lists the improvements below:

  • ShareFile Support – It is now possible to enable direct connectivity to the ShareFile cloud storage and file sharing service. ShareFile’s cloud storage capabilities let users send, receive and share documents across multiple devices. Digital Paper users can now log in to the ShareFile service to upload/download documents directly from/to Digital Paper.
  • Stylus Support in PDF Forms – Form functions such as Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, Dropdown Lists, List Boxes and Text Fields can now be operated using the stylus, allowing more precise control and easier data entry.
  • Screen Sharing Function – Allows user to view the screen of the Digital Paper on a computer display. If the computer is connected to a projector, the Digital Paper screen can be viewed by a group of people, allowing Digital Paper to be used as a presentation tool. It is necessary to download and install the DP Display Output application for this function to operate.
  • Editing Handwriting Annotations – You can move, copy, cut and paste the handwriting annotations using the stylus. The handwriting annotations can be copied and pasted between different documents within the Digital Paper device.
  • Turning Pages in Zoom Mode – You can now turn pages and retain the display position and zoom ratio while the display is zoomed in.
  • Selecting a Note Template – It is now easier to select a different template when creating a new note.
  • Renaming Document/Note – You can rename a document or note while it is open.
  • Pen/Eraser Options – There are now more options to choose for the pen and eraser size.
  • Saving Notes – You can specify a network drive folder as the destination for saving new notes.
  • Proxy Server Settings – You can set a proxy server for each wireless router.

The SONY Digital Paper debuted in May 2014. Like HeinOnline, Sony believes image is everything when it comes to legal documents and research materials. Just as HeinOnline provides PDF images of original documents, Digital Paper provides a platform to read, share, annotate, and save these documents while maintaining their original size and format. HeinOnline + Digital Paper = The perfect fit for legal research.


Because Digital Paper displays full-size documents in PDF format, it works well with HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library, which contains fully searchable, scanned images of original law reviews and law-related periodicals.

Whether you’re a law librarian, law school faculty member, paralegal, or lawyer, you’ll have the power to annotate, share, and save your documents, in conjunction with a cloud service.

The SONY Digital Paper revolutionizes the way to read and write. The device, which has a 13.3-inch display, gives you the ability to view, annotate, share and save your documents, all from an electronic device that’s light enough to carry with you wherever you go. SONY’s Digital Paper will help you save paper, reduce storage of documents, lead to fewer piles and less clutter and expand your workplace wherever you are!


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