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The Law Library Journal reviewed Gibson’s New York Legal Research Guide, Fourth Edition and The Boulder Statements on Legal Research Education: The Intersection of Intellectual and Practical Skills in a recent issue. Learn more about these titles below, and check out their reviews!


Gibson’s New York Legal Research Guide, Fourth Edition9780837739755

By: William H. Manz
St. John’s University School of Law

The latest edition of Gibson’s New York Legal Research Guide is the most comprehensive legal research guide on the subject of New York State and New York City law. This award-winning guide has been updated to accommodate the ever-changing laws of New York. It contains complete coverage of New York City’s rich legal history and its current primary and secondary legal research sources.

This guide is essential for those studying New York Law, and a must-have reference book for any attorney, paralegal, law librarian or law professor performing legal research related to New York!

Item #: 5268
ISBN: 9780837739755
1 Volume…….$85.00
Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2013

What the Law Library Journal had to say:

“For readers familiar with the title, the fourth edition continues the strong tradition of excellence established by earlier editions. This most recent edition offers exhaustive treatment of New York and New York City legal sources with updates on how to find the material electronically, including references to Bloomberg Law.”

– 107 Law Libr. J. 308 (2015)

“I think any law library or large public library in New York State, as well as surrounding states, should own this title.”

– 107 Law Libr. J. 308 (2015)

“A wide array of readers will find this title useful.”

– 107 Law Libr. J. 308 (2015)

“[…] Gibson’s New York Legal Research Guide is the definitive treatise on New York legal research. It offers value to many types of researchers and information professionals and therefore would strengthen any New York law collection.”

– 107 Law Libr. J. 309 (2015)



Boulder Statements on Legal Research Education, the Intersection of IntellectualBoulder cover and spine rev and Practical Skills

By: Susan Nevelow Mart
University of Colorado Law School


This title looks at the signature pedagogy set out in the Boulder Statements on Legal Research Pedagogy and Legal Research Education, and it places it within the framework of the rich literature on information literacy, adult learning and experiential learning. It is a valuable resource for those who teach and who need to understand the educational theories that promote the effective transfer of knowledge. The structures (surface, deep, tacit and shadow) of an ideal pedagogy for legal research educators are addressed. Chapters include: Assessment; Integrating Legal Research into the Curriculum; Teaching the Values and Limits of Intermediation and Disintermediations; Social Networking for Workplace and School; Metacognition; Relationship of Legal Tools and the Legal Structure; Critical Information Studies.

Item #: 72457
ISBN: 9780837738734
1 Volume…….$99.00
Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2014

What the Law Library Journal had to say:

“Sarah Valentine’s essay on integrating legal research into the law school curriculum also offers many useful considerations in how librarians can advocate at their institutions for wider legal research instruction across the legal curriculum.”

-107 Law Libr. J. 313 (2015)

“[…] readers will find many of the essays useful in considering how they teach and evaluate legal research in their own classrooms. Many of the suggestions offered can be easily adapted to a variety of classroom situations.”

-107 Law Libr. J. 314 (2015)

“[…] this book represents an important addition to the body of scholarship, both practical and theoretical, discussing legal research instruction for new lawyers and the need to make it a more central part of any law school curriculum.”

-107 Law Libr. J. 314 (2015)



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