Hein Cites Issue #18: Celebrate Constitutions Day with HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated!

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World Constitutions Illustrated

The Most Complete Source for Current & Historical Constitutions

HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated holds thousands of contemporary and historical documents. Focusing on the study of historical and current constitutions of governments, this database enables scholars to research constitutional and political developments of the nations of our world. This database provides access to all types of documents about constitutions and allows libraries to contribute.

What’s Included:

  • Current constitution of every country.
  • Constitutional histories of several countries including the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Italy, South Africa, and El Salvador (among others).
  • Thousands of books on constitutional law, with specific chapters tied to specific countries.
  • Thousands of articles about constitutional development.
  • Links to online resources related to political development.
  • Bibliographies of constitutional monographs.
As we continue working to complete the constitutional hierarchy for every country, we will be adding hundreds of documents and books along with periodicals, articles, commentaries and much more to insure that this collection is the most comprehensive source for current and historical constitutions. At the same time, we will continue to work with libraries to make sure we identify and add to HeinOnline every constitutional document or work from around the world.

More Titles from Hein:

Constitutions of Nations Series

By Amos J. Peaslee

A monumental reprint available from Hein!

Published in 1950, the first edition of Amos J. Peaslee’s Constitutions of Nations was the first-ever compilation of national constitutions of the world published in English. The first edition, in three volumes, includes the seals of coat of arms and a summary description and bibliography for each of the 83 nations featured. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions reflect major changes that occur in the texts or status of the constitutions, and additional countries are added as they become recognized as sovereign nations.“This is one of those occasional books fairly entitled to be characterized as ‘monumental.’ It is monumental in size, in comprehensiveness, in thoroughness, and in the quality of its scholarship. All people with an interest in government – whether students, scholars, practitioners, politicians, legislators, or journalists – will long stand in debt to Mr. Peaslee for the indefatigable care with which he has put together this collection not only of constitutions of the nations but of varied and valuable information relevant to those constitutions.”
– 51 Colum. L. Rev. 921 (1951)
Check your holdings and fill in your missing volumes!
Use the checklist, found on this brochure.

Locating U.S. Government Information Handbook,

Third Edition

By: Edward Herman & Theodora Belniak

New Edition Now Available!

This is the best guide available for anyone who needs to locate government information for personal, educational, or professional purposes. This handbook will help users learn how to do legal research in the wider and sometimes confusing world of government documents, and is organized intuitively to help the novice. It can be used as a quick reference tool to navigate the citation formats and unique government information portals, to aid in understanding the material, to find non-government resources, and to answer some subject-based questions about the availability of government documents. The text includes reproductions of indexes, examples of searches, and illustrative charts that are extremely helpful to researchers, while questions and answers are provided to invoke thought on the material covered within each chapter.Topics Include:
  • United States Government Structure
  • Information About Government Documents
  • About the Government Printing Office
  • Basic Online Research Skills
  • Search Strategies Using Government and Non-Government Information Portals
  • Resources for Locating Government Documents on a Particular Topic
Item #: 9009
ISBN: 9780837739748
Pages: xiv, 279p.
1 Volume…….$89.00
Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2015


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