Introducing: Our New Homepages!

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We’ve updated our websites!

Due to feedback from a recent Marketing survey sent out earlier this year, we have updated our company homepages for both William S. Hein & Co., Inc. and HeinOnline. Today we are releasing these new homepages along with the HeinOnline Enhanced Interface! The goal of our new homepages is to provide our customers with the most useful and relevant information.

Introducing – This page will act as an umbrella for the entire Hein Company.


We’ve updated 





HeinOnline –


What’s New:


  • – This page will act as an umbrella for the entire Hein Company. From this page you can be directed to either HeinOnline, Products and Services, our blogs, and our Help & Support page.

  • HeinOnline Log in Button: You have to options for logging in on, one is located in the upper right-hand corner and the other next to our menu options. Either button will log you in to HeinOnline.



  • Included on all three of our websites is a stationary gold bar, there you can find company news, press releases, our company directory, library resources, contact information, and more!



  • A new home button: this button will always take you to, this new home button is also featured in HeinOnline’s Enhanced Interface.



  • You can find both of our blogs on our new blog landing page. You can find the landing page in the top gold bar on each of our new homepages.

  • Our Customer Service Portal is now found in the gold bar in the upper right-hand corner under the drop down “Log in”



Be sure to check them out!