SONY’s Digital Paper Now Available at a Reduced Price!

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 What people are saying about SONY’s Digital Paper:

“I love it. Light, easy to use, perfect for reading Hein PDF documents – did I say light. I love it.”
– Billie Jo Kaufmann | Professor of Law – American University, Washington College of Law

“The first professor to use it has said that it works better than he thought it would. He specifically commented on the ability to bookmark, highlight, and write in different colors. He also noted that when he printed out his annotations, the quality was as good as if they had been done with a regular pen.”
-Christopher Byrne | William and Mary Law School

“The battery life on this device is amazing. I didn’t charge it the entire time I had it, and I believe it still has plenty of power left.”
-David Hansen | UNC School of Law

“It’s a good device for someone who extensively marks up documents or reads many long-form PDF documents, whether they be student papers to grade, or speeches, proposals, or draft documents. The excellent battery life and readability in bright light is a great plus.”
-Donna Nixon | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The better way to read, write, and do research for law.

The SONY Digital Paper revolutionizes the way to read and write. The device, which has a 13.3 inch display, gives you the ability to view, annotate, share and save your documents, all from an electronic device that’s light enough to carry with you wherever you go. SONY’s Digital Paper will help you save paper, reduce storage of documents, lead to fewer piles and less clutter and expand your workplace wherever you are!


With the SONY Digital Paper you can:

  • Pull up files anywhere
  • Hand-write notes
  • Work where you are
  • Connect your devices via the Cloud
  • Save, sync, and share
  • Take your office with you

Features of SONY’s Digital Paper:


Your paper trail ends here.


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