Now Available – Mark Twain vs. Lawyers, Lawmakers, and Lawbreakers: Humorous Observations

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mtbookCompiled and Edited by Kenneth Bresler

Mark Twain vs. Lawyers, Lawmakers, and Lawbreakers is a delightful anthology of humorous sketches and quotations by America’s leading humorist. The compilation covers two broad categories: law & lawyers and government & politics. Carefully researched and footnoted, this book includes many lesser known observations and quotations–all verified–from Twain’s abundant letters. Footnotes are in Bluebook format, so they can readily be inserted into legal pleadings.

Price: $37.50
Item #: 1000148
ISBN: 9780837739571
Published: Buffalo; William S. Hein & Co., Inc.; 2014

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Praise for Mark Twain vs. Lawyers, Lawmakers, and Lawbreakers:

“Ken Bresler has performed a public service by gathering the best and funniest of Twain’s observations about the legal caste. Much of the material comes from less well-known articles that Twain wrote for newspapers and magazines. This is a must read for anyone who likes to laugh.”

-Malcolm Kushner, author of The Ultimate Lawyer Quote Book

“One of the marvels of Mark Twain’s genius is that it was exhibited in such an immense array of works, many of which are not part of our common knowledge. This collection of Twain’s observations on law and politics is a wonderful example: brilliant, witty and full of Twain’s droll take on humanity.”

-Scott Turow

“Ken Bresler’s collection of Twain’s writing on legal subjects is a browser’s delight. In Twain’s time no less than our own, all of America’s absurdities, vanities and arguments seemed to distill themselves into legal cases of one kind or another, and Twain was there to skewer them. Like Dickens, his great English contemporary, Twain had a keen interest in the courts, and his writing on the subject is as fresh and funny today as it was a century ago.”

-Bill Landay, award winning author of Defending Jacob


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