The aquaculture industry is growing, do you have the legal resources?

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William S. Hein & Co., Inc. is now distributing American and International Aquaculture Law by Henry D. McCoy! Aquaculture is the fastest growing sector of agriculture and the speed of scientific and economic advances during the past decade has outpaced the available literature dealing with legal aspects of aquaculture. This excellent new book redresses this imbalance and will provide a thorough and comprehensive reference for all those who are involved in the many aspects of aquaculture where up-to-date legal information is vital.

This comprehensive title offers a clear and concise legal analysis of an important sector in the agriculture industry. Use American and International Aquaculture Law to develop your corporate strategic planning, to research the field of aquaculture, or for use in environmental or financial analyses.

American and International Aquaculture Law helps compensate for the imbalance of information on this topic by including 20 chapters of information on aquaculture and the law. Including chapters on essential research topics such as:

  • Aquaculture Industry Overview
  • State, Federal, International Wildlife Laws: Legal Definition of Aquaculture: Ownership of Aquatic Animals and Plants
  • Dispute Resolution: Summary of Litigated Aquaculture Cases, Including International Trade and Arbitration Cases and Proceedings
  • Efforts to Reduce Regulatory Restraints: National Aquaculture Act and National Aquaculture Policy
  • Antitrust and Trade Regulation Laws: An Overview of Antitrust Laws and the Federal Trade Commission Act

Learn more about what is included in this title by viewing the Summary of Contents »

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