Yesterday was the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade!

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To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the historical decision of Roe v. Wade Hein has just published the only full-text compilation of abortion related statutes of all 50 states. Hein’s newest title Abortion in the United States: A Compilation of Federal and State Laws, Second Edition compiled by Tobe Liebert is the perfect addition to any law collection.

This important reference source for academic, college, law and public libraries is intended to give researchers a quick means of accessing case law and statutes related to the topic of abortion. This publication is the successor to Igor Kavass’ Abortion in the United States: A Compilation of State Legislation and offers professionals and researchers alike the most current information on the topic at both the state and federal levels.

Volume one of the compilation includes the text of every state’s legal act dealing with abortion while volume two covers references to the abortion laws by topics, this includes key cases such as Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Balton, Rust v. Sullivan, and more. The second edition includes:

  • Unique and extensive indexing that was created for both statutes and case law
  • Full text of the leading U.S. Supreme Court decisions related to abortion
  • Full text of major federal statutes including versions of the Hyde Amendment & much more!

For more information about what is included in Hein’s newest compilation check out the Table of Contents or check out the brochure!

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