New Legal Research Title Offers a Path through the Morass

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Volume 60 in the Legal Research Guide Series is now available from Hein. Consumer Law: A Legal Research Guide by Lee F. Peoples aims to provide the researcher a path through the morass of consumer law.

Researchers working in most legal subject areas are able to focus primarily on the single area of law at issue. However, researchers working in consumer law aren’t as fortunate. Consumer law research brings together several interrelated subject areas and is governed by both state and federal laws, including a complex array of administrative agencies and regulations.

This new Hein title begins by laying out a research strategy for tackling consumer law issues. A thorough introduction to secondary sources useful for consumer law research is included. The most important treatises, looseleafs, and practice resources for consumer law and the related fields of bankruptcy, sales, real estate, mortgages, and banking law are discussed. An overview of important federal statutes related to consumer law is included, along with a discussion of the administrative agencies charged with implementing and enforcing consumer law.

For more information on the newest addition to the legal research guide or any of the other titles in the series, view the brochure. To order contact or 800-828-7571.

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