Children’s Legal Rights Journal is Now Available in Hein’s Current Online Subscription Model!

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Second Journal Added to Hein’s New Digital Publishing Platform!

William S. Hein & Co., Inc. is pleased to announce that Children’s Legal Rights Journal is now available in Hein’s Current Online Subscription Model. This is the second journal to be introduced to this new format from Hein!

About the Children’s Legal Rights Journal

This is a quarterly periodical, co-edited by the ABA Center on Children and the Law and the Loyola University Chicago School of Law, in cooperation with the National Association of Counsel for Children. Published for over twenty-five years, Children’s Legal Rights Journal focuses on the broad range of legal issues confronting children. Its goal is to provide practitioners in law and related fields with the practical resources they need to be effective advocates for their child clients. Children’s Legal Rights Journal provides insight into the relationship between the professional and the child in such areas as:

  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Foster Care & Adoption
  • Medical Care
  • Student’s Rights
  • and much more»

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