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Hein’s newest title, Digital Evidence, boasts more than 350 pages that cater specifically to attorneys, judges, and others interested in digital evidence and computer-related Fourth Amendment issues. The main focus of Digital Evidence is identification and explanation of some of the most important technical and legal issues that arise when computers, digital devices and network communications are the focus of investigation and potential use in a criminal or civil matter.

Did you know that computers, hand held digital devices, cell phones and Internet communications such as e-mail, instant messaging, chat, websites, and web searching are used daily by hundreds of millions of people throughout the world? These modern developments have brought about profound changes in how information is created, stored and communicated to others. This book helps to identify and clarify some of the terms and jargon used in the computer forensic field. It also illustrates some of the important Fourth Amendment and federal privacy statute issues that arise from investigations involving computers and the Internet. Examples from published appellate cases are used to illustrate the various technical and legal issues.

Learn why a computer doesn’t really delete a file when the computer user hits the delete key, and much more!

Digital Evidence covers a variety of topics on technology and computer forensics and how they are increasingly impacting the practice of law. Some of the

topics covered are:

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